Report: Navistar employees electrically shocked by overhead crane

A sheriff’s office report detailing the events leading up to two employees being shocked Tuesday says an overhead crane could be to blame.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff Meyers said the employees were transported to Springfield Regional Medical Center Tuesday to receive treatment after being shocked.

A sheriff’s report released by the office says emergency personnel were called to Navistar, 6125 Urbana Road, at around 12:43 p.m. A deputy arrived on scene and spoke with the reporting person who said the two had been shocked by electricity.

“It was later believed it was due to an electrical short in a small 250 pound overhead crane,” the report says. “The electric was believed to have been transferred to the steel bar from the steel hook and chain.”

The report says the first employee who was shocked grabbed a steel part of a truck and felt the current. Upon getting the shock, the man either jumped back or was blown back onto the floor causing a slight head injury, the report says.

“(The man) was transported to Springfield Regional Medical Center for medical treatment,” the report says.

The second employee who was shocked didn’t receive the same amount of current, the report says, but was transported to the hospital as well to be checked out.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to alert them of the incident.

The Springfield News-Sun reached out to OSHA for comment for this article but haven’t heard back.

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