Remains found in Springfield on Monday appear to be human, police report says

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Remains found in Springfield on Monday appear to be human, police report says

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The remains that were recovered by the Springfield Police Division behind the Town House Motor Lodge on Monday afternoon appear to be human, according to a police report on the incident.

Officers were dispatched to the 2800 block of Kohl Avenue around 4 p.m. on Monday on a report of, “a decomposed body found in the woods,” the report said. The alleged body was found by a father and son repairing a roof nearby, the report said.

“(The son) advised he was working on the roof at 2856 Kohl Ave. and he had to go find some wood to use for the roof, and decided to look out in the lot and in the woods, due to the lot having stacks of wooded planks and wooden pieces,” the report said. “Upon looking for the wood, (the son) found the body.”

The report said the witness approached the body in an attempt to get a better view, as he initially thought it was a Halloween decoration that was left out.

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“Upon doing so, he realized that the body was real, and yelled for (the father), who was also working on the roof,” the report said. “(The father) yelled back and told him to quit messing around and get back to work.”

The son continued to yell for his father, and urged him to come and look at the body, the report said.

“Upon (the son)’s urgent yelling, he (the father) rushed down to check himself. Upon doing so, he also agreed with his son’s first statement and had him call 911,” the report said.

When officers arrived on scene they witnessed, “what appeared to be skeletal remains, to the rear of the business in the woods,” the report said.

“The head appeared to be the east, with the feet facing to the west,” the report said.

Both the Crime Scene Unit and the Clark County Coroner’s office were dispatched to the scene, the report said.

“The identity of the remains is unknown,” the report said. “The death is pending an investigation.”

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According to a sergeant at the scene on Monday, police nor the coroner’s investigator are sure whether the bones are that of a male or female.

The sergeant also said Monday they were unsure how long the remains had been there.

The Springfield News-Sun has reached out to the Springfield Police Division and the Clark County Coroner’s Office for additional information on the remains but did not receive a response.