Public Records



16-CV-0072 - Misty Jenkins, 2107 Troy Road, Apt. G3, v. Ford Motor Company, Cleveland, complaint for diminution in value of Ford Focus or incurred and/or needed costs of repair and all incidental and consequential damages, etc., for breach of written warranty and breach of implied warranty regarding ineffective repair attempts on 2013 Ford Focus purchased Nov. 2, 2013.

16-CV-0073 - David Dalzelle, Lebanon, v. Gosiger Holdings Inc., Haas Factory Outlet LLC, Dayton, and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, notice of appeal.

16-CV-0074 - MidFirst Bank v. Daniel S. McCoy, New Carlisle, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 245 Shepard St., New Carlisle, for $121,281.

16-DP-0086 - Tessa M. Roberts, 717 N. Florence St., v. Jacob M. Thurnau, c/o 570 E. Leffel Lane, petition for civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

16-DP-0087 - Bianca Sharpe, 1567 Oakland Ave., v. Wilma J. McCabe, 1571 Oakland Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.

16-DS-0088 - Mario A. Lopez, 3044 Colony Lane, and Treicy E. Lopez, 1812 Baker Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DS-0089 - Julie K. Cartwright, Bellefontaine, and Robert R. Cartwright Jr., 4311 Autumn Creek Dr., petition for dissolution of marriage.


PNC Bank, N.A., v. Sherry A. Blanton, et al., decree in foreclosure in rem.

Dale Lucas, individually and as administrator, v. Eaglewood Villa, Ltd., case dismissed with prejudice.

U.S. Bank NA, as Trustee, v. Sandra J. Rigby, et al., judgment for $102,948.

Security National Bank, Division of The Park National Bank, v. Jody L. Kopf, et al., judgment for $49,322.

State of Ohio v. Randy D. Collins, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Anita Oren, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Lukas Thompson, case dismissed.

Sharon L. Ballentine v. David H. Ballentine, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Franklin Bowen v. Dawn Bowen, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Dawn Bowen v. Franklin Bowen, domestic violence civil protection order dismissed.

Brandon Crase v. Phillip Crase, case voluntarily dismissed.

Dennis K. Reeder Jr., v. Elba Reeder, case voluntarily dismissed.

Misti L. Lowe v. Derrick W. Harris, domestic violence civil protection order granted.


Property Transfers

Eula S. Bobbitt to Douglas Murray Smith and Barbara Jane Kuhns, 4865 Lower Valley Pike, two parcels, 0 Valley Pike, 0 Lower Valley Pike, Springfield; $97,500.

Merrill A. and Mary E. Keplinger to James J. and Elaine A. Keplinger, 1602 Victory Road, Springfield; $100,000.

Ryan M. Pequignot to James J. and Elaine A. Keplinger, 1518 Victory Road, Springfield; $55,000.

Cora M. Gore to Edward Barton, 220 Broadway Road, Enon; no fee.

Craig Duane Irwin to Peter A. J. and Leta L. Gunnell, 3571 Towerwood Ct., Springfield; $385,000.

Christopher S. and Lisa A. Tirey to Jeremy A. and Susan E. Mayo, 3364 Ashbury Lane, Springfield; $217,000.

Daniel W. Trembley to Deborah K. Trembley, 1615 Sunset Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Tara N. Martin to David A. and Joyce E. Scarberry, 1228 Santa Monica Ave., Springfield; $117,500.

Betty Dillahunt, Trustee, to Sylvia Grinvalds, 732 Grandview Dr., Springfield; $73,500.

Clemens M. and Marcia Meyer to Clemens M. Meyer, 529 Rebecca Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Profit Making Ventures LLC to Jessica A. Hurd, 1324 S. Belmont Ave., Springfield; $71,000.

Kathleen and Joe D. Robinson to Kathleen Robinson, 2100 Hillside Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Daniel W. Trembley to Deborah K. Trembley, 1615 Sunset Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Earl R. Trimble and Terry A. Trimble to Robert Trimble, 631 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Charles H. Herring to Lee Edwin Harris, 1224 and 1218 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

New Ohio Investments LLC to Taylor Group of Ohio Inc., 1235 Highland Ave., Springfield; $2,700.

Nicholas and Laura D. O’Connor to Nicholas A. and Laura D. O’Connor, 1564 Morgan St., Springfield; no fee.

Robert L. and Christine M. Flood to Brian D. and Jeannette E. Miller, 2018 W. Mile Road, Springfield; $160,000.

SAS of Springfield LLC to Marcos Gomez and Gregoria Garcia, 11 W. McCreight Ave., Springfield; $11,000.