Public Records



16-CV-0054 - Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, v. Chad A. Eubanks, 3281 Maple Grove Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 4124 Ashton Lane for $201,252.

16-CV-0055 - Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as Trustee, v. Sherman E. Lewis, 539 Mead Lane, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $68,257.

16-CV-0056 - WesBanco Bank, Inc., v. Joseph A. Springer Sr., 635 E. Euclid Ave., et al., complaint for $57,801.

16-CV-0057 - Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, v. Terry Lynn Davis, 1921 Russell Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $53,974.

16-CV-0062 - Laura L. Dolin, 1717 Northgate Road, v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, and Trilogy Health Services, LLC, Louisville, Ky., notice of appeal.

16-DR-0079 - Travis White, 4060 S. Charleston Pike, v. Cherie A. White, 2125 S. Tecumseh Road, Lot 178, complaint for divorce.

16-DS-0080 - Timothy P. Lane Jr., New Carlisle, and Ladeana Lane, New Carlisle, petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DP-0081 - Savanah M. Ballentine, 545 ½ W. Parkwood Ave., v. John Timothy Jones Jr., 124 Bellaire Ave., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.


State of Ohio v. Michael Pahl, convicted of attempted robbery, six months prison with credit for time served.

State of Ohio v. Alisa Line, convicted of possession of oxycodone, six months prison to be served consecutively to a 12 month sentence presently being served for a total sentence of 18 months.

State of Ohio v. Darious De’John Hull, convicted of aggravated burglary with a firearm specification, eight years prison plus three years prison on firearm specification to be served prior to and consecutive to the eight year sentence, jail credit for time served, five years post-release control mandatory, $3,573 restitution.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, v. Rodney Scott Reeder, et al., decree in foreclosure for $93,169.

Household Realty Corporation v. Vivian E. Eshelman, et al., judgment for $68,204.

New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank v. Angela Michelle Marinacci, et al., decree in foreclosure in rem.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Amanda G. MacKay aka Amanda G. Barnett, et al., judgment for $47,798.

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Unknown heirs at law, devisees, legatees, executors and administrators of Doris L. Owens aka Doris Carter Owens, et al., judgment in rem.

U.S. Bank NA, as Trustee, v. Eva Haley, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., v. Kerry J. Riley, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

State of Ohio v. John Hopkins, termination of probation, case closed.

Michael Castle v. Marilyn Castle, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.


Marriage Licenses

Martin David Brown, 54, 434 Gallagher St., maintenance tech, to Diana Kay Pemberton, 63, 434 Gallagher St., homemaker.

Gerald Dustin Tackett Jr., 64, Enon, sales, to Joan Jeannett Denman, 53, Enon, retail management.

Robert Charles Dobney, 18, South Vienna, Military - Army, to Madison Renee Hart, 18, 5133 Stoneridge Dr.


Property Transfers

Gary A. Cox to Steven J. and Loretta S. Lokai, 65 Andrews Lane, New Carlisle; $27,000.

Laura M. Bock to John C. and Brenda D. Dean, 745 Hedwick St., New Carlisle; $55,000.

George T. Harold to John and Cassandraey Baumann, 509 W. Jefferson St., New Carlisle; $160,000.

William and Jennifer Herier to Caleb G. Kaplinger, 1334 Victory Road, Springfield; $87,200.

Salvadore M. Minna to Jerry L. and Pamela K. Heeg, 1370 W. Sparrow Road, Springfield; $112,900.

Billy D. Justice to Norman R. and Ladonna K. Lowe, 4623 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $51,500.

Dennis K. and Peggy L. Deel to Bernard and Amanda Fazzini, 7828 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; $45,000.

Craig S. and Leah R. Terrell to Kyle A. Richards and Victoria J. Rousculp, 219 Old Springfield Road, South Charleston; $178,500.

Adam Kouse to Adam Kouse, 5549 and 5545 Fowler Road, Springfield; no fee.

Jock C. and Suzann Miesse to Jerrod L. and Jessica E. Martineau, 1159 Hemlock Dr., Springfield; $130,000.

Robert J. and Anita J. Woods, Trustees, to James G. and Naomi W. Ritchie, 2370 W. Possum Road, Springfield; $130,000.

Johnny R. and Paula J. Cain to Mark D. Grant Jr., and Leah A. Grant, 2765 Redwood Dr., Springfield; $95,000.

Christopher A. and Cindy M. Waddle to Cindy M. Waddle, 2711 Crabill Road, Springfield; no fee.

Security National Bank & Trust Co., and Delaware County Bank and Trust Co., to KPT RE LLC, 581 W. Leffel Lane, two parcels, Springfield; $530,000.

PNC Bank NA, Trustee, to Delaware County Bank and Trust Co., 581 W. Leffel Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Sabrina Sexton and Denise Cydrus to John P. and Linda L. Newman, 1270 Warbler Rdg., Springfield; $112,500.

Barbara A. Wylie to Kendi L. Woolley, 1137 Foxboro Road, Springfield; $95,000.

Carl R. and Janet M. Wampler to James H. Pritchett Jr., 1715 Maiden Lane, Springfield; $111,000.

Troy A. McDonald to Marcus D. Smith, 325 S. Clairmont Ave., Springfield; $88,500.

Amy J. Wells to Lisa Marie Roy, 2715 Share St., Springfield; $65,900.

Michael E. Potts to Michael E. Potts, 252 and 246 Ludlow Ave., and 1718 Mound St., Springfield; no fee.

Christopher J. and Melissa R. Patsiavos to Christopher J. Patsiavos, 318 N. Broadmoor Blvd., Springfield; no fee.

Kevin J. Amidon and Traci M. Meyer to Home City Federal Savings Bank, 1325 N. Lowry Ave., Springfield; no fee.