Playgrounds, Warder Fit Stop closed due to coronavirus threat; parks remain open in Springfield

The National Trail Parks and Recreation District (NTPRD) has closed all playgrounds and Warder Fit Stop until further notice, due to the coronavirus threat.

Parks will remain open, but individuals are encouraged to practice social distancing, the city of Springfield and NTPRD said in a press release.

“Health authorities have indicated that the situation is evolving and we should do as much as possible to inform those we serve, the community and our staff of the measures we are taking to prevent the spread of the virus,” the press release said.

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Gov. Mike DeWine issued a stay-at-home order that will start tonight with exceptions including outdoor activities.

Walking, hiking, running, biking, going to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas are permitted under the order.

NTPRD has several parks and trails in Springfield including: 

Buck Creek Nature Park - 1301 Mitchell Blvd.

Buck Creek Trail - 2630 Croft Road

Jack Hemry Park - 400 Elk Ave.

Layne Addition Park - 648 Cortland Drive

Little Miami Scenic Trail - 117 S. Fountain Ave.

New Reid Park - 3144 E. Leffel Lane

Old Reid Park - 1636 Pumphouse Road

Rebert Pike Nature Park - 1696 Rebert Pike

Selma Road Park - 724 York St.

Simon Kenton Trail - 80 Villa Road

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“NTPRD will continue to follow the guidelines from the Health District as they become available,” the press release said.

For more information or to search for more NTPRD parks, visit

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