Piatt Castles celebrating West Liberty’s bicentennial

When West Liberty kicks off its bicentennial celebration Thursday, the Piatt Castles will be doing its part to commemorate the village’s birthday.

“People can think of it as a free history park during the celebration,”Margaret Piatt, owner of the Piatt Castles, said. “There are exhibits and they can spend time on the grounds and play games and then if they want, they can go through the castles.”

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Piatt said she has broken down the Piatt Castles history into 50 year increments so visitors can better explore the buildings’ history.

The West Liberty Story: the Piatt Family, is the theme of the Piatt Castle’s displays for this weekend.

Piatt said she helped show off the buildings during West Liberty’s sesquicentennial and the castles played a big part in the celebration because it was also the history museum, and in addition to the castles contributed to the boom in tourism in the area.

“And then in the last 50 years, I think that the biggest contribution to the community is this expansive approach to programming with concerts and plays and camps,” Piatt said.

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About 400 Logan and Champaign county residents have already taken advantage of the Piatt Castle’s early celebration with a free preview event that included tours of the castles on June 29.

Displays of the Piatt Castles history, along with old fashioned games and activities, will be available at the Piatt Castles from 12 p.m.-4 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

West Liberty will also be celebrating the town’s bicentennial over those four days with a large collection of events. The schedule can be found online at www.westliberty200.com.

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