Payroll Project: Clark-Shawnee’s highest-paid employees

Clark-Shawnee Local School District administrators and the high school bowling coach made the list of the top five highest-paid employees last year, according to a searchable database of local government payroll assembled by the I-Team.

The district of about 2,000 students paid 454 people in 2015, including substitutes and 99 of them made more than $50,000.

According to the data, the five highest-paid employees in the school district in 2015 were:

1. Superintendent Gregg Morris: $110,698.

2. Assistant Superintendent Brian Kuhn: $96,767.

3. High School Principal Nathan Dockter: $94,640.

4. Possum Principal Michelle Heims: $91,598.

5. Teacher and Bowling Coach Richard Walker: $84,152.

Walker earned about $6,700 on top of his base salary for coaching, site managing and summer school.

Local governments make payroll with your money. That's why the I-Team is using Ohio public records laws to assemble and analyze payroll data for governments across our region.

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