Ohio Valley hospital anticipates more growth at Springfield site

The Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital in downtown Springfield has reached another milestone.

The physician-owned hospital at 140 West Main Street, formerly known as Ohio Valley Medical Center, is marking its 10-year anniversary since opening in June 2009.

“We started with 10 employees 10 years ago,” the medical’ center’s president Steve Eisentrager said. “We now have over 300.”

Since the opening, more than 115,000 surgeries have been done at the facility, said Eisentrager. Its mission has always been to elevate the standard of healthcare in the Springfield community, and he thinks they have been doing so.

Eisentrager said that he hopes to add 25-50 employees each year and continue to add new services. He also said that they will need newer buildings soon because they are outgrowing the existing ones and has already purchased property west of Ohio Valley.

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Dr. Rick Nedelman, a general surgeon and physician investor, said that he and his team were able to keep their promises that they made when they started a decade ago.

“We wanted to do several things. One was to create jobs, which we have. Another was to support the community of Springfield with tax revenue, which we do, and to bring in additional physicians and surgeons with other skillsets that were very difficult to bring to Springfield, particularly back and spine surgeons,” he said.

Through 10 years, the surgical hospital has expanded and added more services like imaging, a breast center, physical therapy and sport strengthening, and more. There are now 15 new surgeons and over 40 physicians at OVSH.

Nedelman said they plan to bring more skilled physicians to the Springfield community so that people won’t have to leave town for surgeries. He is one of the hospital’s original 37 investors who decided to combine efforts in 2006 in order to open the 24-bed specialty hospital.

He does about 35 surgeries a week himself, he said.

Ohio Valley Hospital has been rated five stars multiple times based on both patient experience and patient safety.

“I feel like we do a very good job taking care of our patients,” CT and MRI Technologist at Ohio Valley Imaging Center Alexa Brouhard said. “It feels like a family environment.”

Brouhard said her department sees about 20 patients a day.

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Ohio Valley has nine operating rooms and two procedure rooms. They conduct about 12,000 surgeries a year, had 30,000 imaging visits, and 24,000 physical theraphy visits.

The Breast Center at Ohio Valley has received the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence award from the American College of Radiology. OVSH hasn’t had a hospital-acquired condition since opening, the infection rate is well below the national average at .2%, the transfer rate is also well below the national average at .08%, and the hospital exceeds national benchmarks on all measures, according to information provided by the hospital.

115,000: Approximate number of surgeries performed at Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital

10: Number of years OVSH has been in existence

300: Approximate number of employees at OVSH

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