Northwestern schools resolve threat with assist from Florida police

Northwestern Local Schools was able to resolve an overnight threat directed at a high school student with help from a Florida teenager, school authorities said.

Jesse Steiner, Northwestern Local Superintendent, said a Northwestern student was talking online with a teenager in Florida when the Northwestern student began to make threats directed at another Northwestern student.

“That’s when the person in Florida began to get worried contacted their local police who were able to get into contact with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department,” Steiner said.

Steiner said the ordeal is a sign that students are looking out for one another.

“We always preach ‘if you see something say something,’ and that’s exactly what this teen did,” Steiner said. “It’s a great thing to see.”

An investigation into the threat is ongoing, Steiner said, and charges will, “more than likely” be filed against the student however Steiner said he was unable to say more at this time.

“This was a serious threat that was made,” Steiner said. “However, we don’t believe that this student would have carried out this act.”

All schools in the district are open today.

We have reached out to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department for comment on the investigation and will update this story when we learn more.

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