Northwestern Schools explores partnership with potential Upper Valley Mall developer

Northwestern Local School Board voted unanimously in favor of authorizing the district’s superintendent and treasurer to begin engaging in “serious communication” with MMG Sports Complex, the investor they say is planning to purchase the Upper Valley Mall.

Jesse Steiner, superintendent of Northwestern Local Schools, said the MMG project is valued at multiple millions of dollars and could bring up to 400 jobs to the area.

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“The entire project is, I’m being told, $56 million project. It’s a huge project,” Steiner said at Wednesday night’s special school board meeting. “They are expecting to bring in over 400 jobs. This has the potential to change our community, our schools, to change this part of Ohio ”

The Clark County Land Bank is the owner of much of the Upper Valley Mall property.

Steiner said MMG’s investor is looking to close on the Upper Valley Mall as soon as tomorrow.

“The developer is looking to close on it on the 15th, that’s when he would like to close,” said Steiner. “It could get pushed, it could extend to the end of the month, but he is expected to close on March 15.”

Steiner said he could not provide additional information on the developer.

He said the developer has expressed interest in using the schools’ athletic fields while a multi-use sports complex is developed around the mall.

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The Northwestern school complex is located about 5.4 miles from the Upper Valley Mall.

Home Plate Sports Academy, located in Upper Valley Mall, posted a rendering of what it said is the sports complex on Facebook in February.

Clark County officials said then that nothing was official, but they are still negotiating a mall redevelopment deal and hoped to announce something soon.

Home Plate’s post stated they had spoken with the new owners of the mall and a sports complex was coming to the shopping center, that has seen numerous stores close or leave over the last several years.

“The mall will be a multi-purpose sports complex for soccer, baseball, pickleball, basketball, go karts, volleyball and competitions for various things,” the post said. “Launch trampoline center, movie theater, restaurants, hotels are all coming and much more!”

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