New COhatch restaurant to offer ‘everything waffles’

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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New COhatch restaurant to offer “everything waffles”

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Springfield mother and daughter is expecting to open a waffle concept restaurant in March.

Marcy Nesselroade and her daughter, Ellie Morgan, are embarking on their first restaurant adventure through Ironworks Waffle Cafe, one of five food tenants in COhatch The Market in downtown Springfield.

“We felt like Springfield really could use more breakfast and lunch places,” Nesselroade said. “We felt it was something that could really go in Springfield.”

Before moving back to Springfield in 2014, Nesselroade and Morgan lived in France and Belgium where they discovered their love for European waffles.

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“We always have talked about doing something together,” Nesselroade said. “But we didn’t know when because she (Morgan) was in college.”

Nesselroade explained that they looked at several different spaces in Springfield, but the timing with COhatch lined up.

“It felt a little bit less risky than going out on our own in a self-standing brick-and-mortar restaurant venture,” Nesselroade said. “We just really loved the idea of bringing life back into downtown and reclaiming an old building.”

COhatch, a Columbus-based company offering a variety of co-working options, private offices, event space, and restaurants, is going into the historic Myers Market building at 101 S. Fountain Ave.

Ironworks Waffle Cafe will serve breakfast, lunch and dessert waffles.

The menu includes cheddar waffles with choriza egg scramble, candied jalapenos, and sriracha crema; a classic waffle with buffalo fried chicken, ranch slaw, blue cheese crumbles and dill pickles; dessert waffles; waffles on a stick; and a kids pizza waffle.

“It really is everything waffles,“ Nesselroade said. “All of those things are sort of amped-up gourmet.”

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Waffle prices are expected to range from $3 for a basic waffle to $11 for the biggest sandwiches, Nesselroade said.

Additionally, they will sell coffee, espresso and tea. The coffee is roasted at Hemisphere Coffee Roasters in Mechanicsburg.

“I think the idea of The Market and the camaraderie of doing it with other people - it just seemed a lot of fun,” Nesselroade said.

The waffle concept restaurant’s name is based on the idea that Springfield was built on iron foundries and the idea of waffles being made on waffle irons, Nesselroade explained.

“We are just super excited about being out in the community, the revitalization of downtown Springfield and doing it together,” Nesselroade said. “It is something we have dreamed about for a long time.”

For more information, search for Ironworks Waffle Cafe on Facebook or Instagram.

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