New chicken restaurant expanding to Springfield

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is coming to Springfield, according to Alex Dietz, the economic development coordinator for Clark County.

“I think it’s great for the community,” Dietz said. “I think we should definitely all be super excited for them entering the market.”

The construction area for the restaurant is located at the intersection of Hillcrest Avenue and Albemarle Road behind a shopping center that Dietz said previously housed Soap Box Cleaning Center and Just Smokes.

Dietz said he believes there has not been a mailing address assigned to the Raising Cane’s location.

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According to the Clark County Auditor’s Office, three parcels of land including 1329-1347 W. First St. was sold from SFL Properties LLC to Springfield Real Estate Holdings LLC, a company affiliated with Raising Cane’s, for $870,000 on April 24.

Dietz said the company bought additional parcels behind the shopping center for $126,000.

“It’s my understanding that they are going to be where that (the shopping center) is,” Dietz said. “I think they are going to demo that and build new.”

Raising Cane’s has been searching for property in the Springfield-market for “quite a while,” Dietz said. “They couldn’t find a property that would work for them.”

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Dietz added that there were several different brokers that put in “a lot of time and effort” to get Raising Cane’s into the Springfield area.

“Great work to the brokers that worked on it,” Dietz said. “I’m sure Raising Cane’s is going to be doing a lot of great work in the next couple months.”

Dietz said he did not know when the restaurant is planning to open.

“It’s good to see new,” Dietz said. “It’s good to see new that people want and I can tell you that people are constantly asking me when we are going to get a Raising Cane’s. Now it’s happening.”

He added that the construction of Raising Cane’s will be “a huge positive for the community.”

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers has two nearby locations in Beavercreek and Centerville. A third location in Huber Heights is in construction.

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