Mad River Twp. to fill vacant seat after trustee’s voter registration canceled

Mad River Township Board of Trustees is now looking to fill a vacant seat after a trustee’s voter registration was canceled.

Former trustee Joe Catanzaro’s seat became vacant at the meeting on Tuesday following an opinion delivered by the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office regarding his voter registration being canceled.

“A citizen filed a challenge with the Board of Elections as to Catanzaro’s voter registration address,” Clark County Prosecutor Dan Driscoll said. “The challenge came to find out that he was not at the same address as his voter registration.”

The Clark County Board of Elections held a hearing on the issue on Feb. 13, Driscoll said.

“There was a hearing held on the 13th of February and the Board of Elections took a number of witness testimony,” he said. “After that hearing, they made a determination to uphold the citizens challenge. They found that in fact his voter registration did not match where he’d been residing.”

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The board gave Catanzaro the chance to reregister at his correct address.

“They gave him the opportunity to reregister after it was canceled, which he did that evening,” Driscoll said. “He changed it to where he was residing in Mad River Twp.”

One requirement to be a trustee is to be a registered voter, and since Catanzaro’s registration was canceled, he was no longer qualified to be a trustee.

“There was still a break in there where the registration was canceled,” said Driscoll.

Driscoll said criminal or civil charges will not be filed.

“I don’t foresee anything like that happening,” he said.

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Catanzaro could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Bob McClure, Mad River Township Board of Trustee President, said the board received the prosecutor office’s opinion late Tuesday before the meeting.

“I received in writing an opinion from the prosecutor’s office that Mr. Catanzaro’s voter registration was canceled last Thursday, Feb. 13, during a hearing at the Board of Elections,” he said. “The opinion of the prosecutor’s office was that when the voter registration was canceled, Mr. Catanzaro ceased to be a Mad River trustee and his seat became vacant.”

McClure said the board made a motion and voted declare Catanzaro’s seat vacant.

“I did announce and make public at the beginning of the meeting what I had received from the prosecutor’s office and a motion was made to declare the position vacant, the motion was seconded and it passed,” he said.

The board has 30 days to fill the vacant seat, but the process of filling that seat has yet to be discussed and decided, McClure said.

“There is a possibility of a special meeting scheduled in the very near future,” McClure said.

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