Lowrey to remain mayor of New Carlisle after council vote on tax issue

Mike Lowrey will remain the mayor of New Carlisle after the city council voted to clear him on charges that he had not paid his taxes.

Councilman Chris Shamy called for Lowrey’s removal on Dec. 16 after Shamy said he became aware of a $978 tax lien placed on the Lowreys’ property.

Lowrey said the accusation was “inaccurate and not true.” Instead, he said, a mistake was made on taxes he and his wife filed in 2015.

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On Monday night, the council voted 7-0 in favor of clearing Lowrey of the charge.

“The meeting went smoothly. It was nice, there was no drama as far as I could tell. Nothing negative,” Lowrey said.

At the beginning of the meeting, Shamy said he “knew what was going to happen before he walked in.”

“I was made aware of the fact that this issue was already resolved,” Shamy said.

Lowrey then presented documentation from the Ohio Department of Taxation to the council that proved he had paid around $1,200 to state.

Lowrey said he began making payments toward the outstanding amount in 2018 after the state had made him aware of the outstanding fee.

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According to documents, the Lowreys had paid the amount in full by February of this year, but the case against them remains “open,” according to Clark County Common Pleas Court records.

Lowrey said he is in the process of resolving that, and he has taken the necessary steps to get the case closed.

“If I hadn’t filed them, or if I hadn’t paid them, then I think it would be a problem. But that wasn’t the case,” Lowrey said. “I made a mistake. It happens. I corrected it, and that’s really it.”

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