Longer wait for driver’s licenses for area teens? What people in Springfield think

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Crashes kill more teens each year than anything else. State lawmakers want to decrease crashes by giving teens an extra six months with a permit, meaning young drivers couldn't get their licenses until 16.5.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Ohio legislators have proposed a bill that could lengthen the wait for Ohio teens to get their driver’s licenses.

Under a bill recently introduced to the Ohio House of Representatives, Ohioans under the age of 18 would have to hold their permits for a full year before getting a license.

Currently, Ohio minors can get their permit at the age of 15 years and six months old. They must wait six months with a permit and a driver’s education course before getting a license.

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The proposal would also require new drivers to be supervised after 10 p.m., rather than midnight, for the first six months after they get their license.

Teen drivers are far more likely than other drivers to be involved in fatal crashes because they lack driving experience and tend to take greater risks, according to Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety’s 2019 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws.

The Springfield News-Sun looked to its readers on its Facebook page for opinions on this issue. Here’s what people are saying:

"You shouldn't be able to drive till you're 18. So dangerous having these kids on the road. Not all teens but most aren't ready for that kind of responsibility," Facebook user Liz Beeman said.

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"Our young drivers will not drive better because of a permit for 1 year. It all comes down to the parents to teach the responsibilities of driving along with the teen understanding that responsibility," Stephen Spencer said.

"As a parent of a teenager I cannot express how much we are looking forward to my daughter being able to drive herself to school and her after school activities. I wouldn't want to wait another six months. And she is looking forward to it also," Ed Meier said.

"16 and half?? That's weird. What's a half prevent?" Holly Wolford Howdyshell said.

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