Logan County judge calls teen homicide suspect risk to himself, others; keeps him in custody

A 16-year-old accused of fatally stabbing and attacking his 36-year-old mother with a baseball bat appeared in court for the first time Monday.

Brycen Caudill appeared in Logan County Juvenille Court on Monday afternoon after spending the weekend behind bars.

The teen appeared before Judge Dan Bratka for a determination on whether he should remain in detention following his arrest Friday.

“That’s the only decision I’m going to make today. Whether you stay here or I send you someplace else or I send you home,” Bratka said.

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Caudill — charged with domestic violence, felonious assault and murder — stood before Bratka.

“Young man, I do find that at this point in time, you are a risk to yourself and others,” Bratka said.

Bratka ruled the teen will stay in jail until further notice.

Caudill was arrested hours after allegedly beating his mother, Crystal Caudill, with a baseball bat and stabbing her multiple times Friday morning, according to Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds.

Crystal Caudill was able to tell deputies her son was the one who attacked her before succumbing to her injuries, Dodds said.

Crystal Caudill ran from her home, at 207 E. Miami St. in DeGraff, to a neighbor’s for help after she was allegedly stabbed and attacked with a baseball bat by her son, Dodds said on Friday. The neighbor called police shortly after 7 a.m., the sheriff said.

“It was her son,” the caller told the Logan County Dispatch. “We need help quick.”

The caller also told a dispatcher, “She says she can’t breathe.”

Deputies were able to talk to Crystal Caudill while EMS crews were arriving, Dodds said.

“Before the EMS did arrive she did speak to our officers and said she had been stabbed by her son,” Dodds said.

Crystal Caudill was transported to Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine where she died, Dodds said. It’s unclear how many times she was stabbed.

“It sounds to me like it was multiple times,” Dodds said.

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The younger Caudill attended Riverside High School, where Dodds said he, “was a good kid and a good student, with a 3.5 GPA.”

Investigators interviewed Caudill on Friday and he said he had no reason for wanting to kill his mother, Dodds said. The teen said he had been thinking about it the night before and just did it. During the interview, Dodds said Caudill was very calm and showed no signs of remorse.

“Just out of nowhere. We aren’t sure at this time what provoked him,” Dodds said.

The next court date for Caudill has not yet been set.

Members of the Caudill family were in the courtroom Monday, but stated they did not want to say anything.

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