Locals shower praise on Clark County native after World Series win

Clark County is celebrating this week as a Springfield native helped his team win the World Series.

Adam Eaton, an outfielder for the Washington Nationals, helped his team clinch the Major League Baseball championship Wednesday night. He is the first Springfield native to win a World Series since 2005.

Eaton graduated from Kenton Ridge High School in Springfield in 2007. The win this week made many in his grade school district proud.

“It’s always nice to see one of our graduates become successful, and he has kind of hit the pinnacle of success in baseball,” Northeastern Local School District Superintendent John Kronour said. “He has given back to our district and comes back to speak to our students. He is a great person and continues to represent us well. We are very proud.”

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After Kenton Ridge, Eaton went on to play three seasons at Miami University before getting drafted into the big leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He played for the Chicago Whitesox before being traded to the D.C. team in 2016.

Tim Bucey, a board member of the Springfield/Clark County Baseball Hall of Fame, said Eaton’s World Series success goes to show any young person from Clark County can live out their dreams.

“If Adam Eaton walked down the street, most people wouldn’t recognize him,” Bucey said. “You wouldn’t think he is a major league baseball player being five foot eight (inches), but it says if you work hard to be what you want to be and do what you want to do it might just happen.”

He said kids in Clark County still play baseball in large numbers and Eaton can be someone to look up to.

“I think it has really created a lot of interest in the world series. I’m a big baseball fan and it did for me. It really added to my interest in the series,” Bucey said. “Baseball is still popular here. Every little community in Clark County whether it be Enon, New Carlisle, Northridge where Eaton played his ball, South Charleston, they all have their own baseball leagues.”

“They have plenty of teams and plenty of leagues,” Bucey said. “I think there are more kids playing baseball than any other sport.”

Clark County’s Government page posted on social media Friday that Eaton played well in the world series and added it was an “amazing performance.” Some Clark County residents took to the Springfield News-Sun Facebook page to express their excitement for Eaton’s success.

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“You were awesome to watch,” Tina Frederick commented. “Couldn’t wait for you to bat because I knew you would do something big! Hits, home runs, steals, you were so fun. Congratulations!”

Sandra Powell commented that she knew Eaton while he was in elementary school through high school because he went to school with her grandson.

“I watched every game of the series,” Powell said. “I was very happy for the Nationals ball team. They are so deserving of their win.”

Bucey said Eaton represented the county well.

“I would just tell him just how proud Clark County is having somebody playing in the world series and being as successful as he was,” he said.

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