Local company making base for a World Trade Center beam

Artifact will be placed at a memorial site in Beavercreek.

SPRINGFIELD — The mangled piece of steel resting in the Springfield business looks out of place against the stacks of perfectly angled beams, but at one time it used to look that flawless — before it was warped by the heat on Sept. 11, 2001.

The beam, taken from the second World Trade Center tower between the 101st and 105th floor, is being readied for its final resting place, and a Springfield business is lending a hand.

American Steel Fabricators, at 2748 Columbus Ave., has been asked to create a base for the beam, so that it may be erected vertically at a memorial site in Beavercreek. The company, who has been working on the piece for the last two weeks, is expecting to tractor trailer the beam back to Beavercreek on Monday.

The 23-foot long, 71/2 foot wide structure weighs in at 7,000 pounds, and is expected to weigh 10,000 pounds once the base is attached.

Emil Toriello, co-owner the of company, said the business is planning to donate most, if not all of the labor costs. They will only charge for the material if they are charged for it, he continued, adding that being involved gave him a sense of pride.

“The people who called us knew we’d do the best we can,” he said. “We feel honored just to be selected.”

The beam was obtained by the Beavercreek last summer, and will be put on display at a memorial site near their downtown, said Sandra Pereira, associate city planner. The site is set to open on Sept. 11, in recognition of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.

“I look at it every morning and count my blessings,” Toriello said.

Gregory Rydel, a welder on the project, said he felt good, but nervous when asked to participate.

“It’s our own piece of history in the shop.”

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