Heat wave to bring dangerous temperatures to Springfield, region

The Springfield region is heading into it first extreme heat wave of the year as the heat index approaches 105 degrees.

An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for the entire region from 2 p.m. Thursday to 8 p.m. Saturday.

“When temperatures are into the 90s and you factor in heat and humidity, that’s when we can see heat index values up into the hundreds,” said Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Molly Coates. “It is going to be very important to take heat precaution.”

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Even though there have been a few stretches of high temperatures in the Miami Valley this summer, this will be the first extreme heat wave, Coates said.

“Average for this time of the year is in the mid-80s around 84 degrees. However, we are in the middle of summer so we’re facing a lot of intense heat.”

The Clark County Combined Health District has issued a statement informing the public that the National Weather Service had issued an Excessive Heat Watch from Friday until Saturday.

Heat index values will be near or above 105 degrees with temperatures in the mid-90s and dewpoints in the mid-70s.

Extremely high or unusually hot temperatures can affect residents health, people most vulnerable include; the elderly, those who work or exercise outdoors, infants, children, the homeless and individuals with chronic medical conditions.

“Heat illness can surprise you. Early signs may be nausea, general weakness, dizziness, headache or extreme thirst,” said Charles Patterson, Clark County Health Commissioner.

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Due to the heat advisory, the CCHD recommends that every resident pay particular attention to the following suggestions:

Stay cool by staying in air-conditioned buildings. Residents are encouraged to not rely on a fan as their primary cooling device, but also use air conditioning if available.

Outdoor activity should be limited, especially during the hottest part of the day. People should also wear lightweight, light-colored clothing, stay out of the sunlight as much as possible and take cool baths and showers.

Check on at-risk friends, family and neighbors at least twice a day, CCHD said. Also, do not leave children and pets unattended in unattended in closed vehicles as temperatures can reach dangerous levels rapidly.

During these extreme temperatures, it is also recommended to cut out caffeinated drinks, sugary drinks, and alcohol because they are dehydrating. High sodium foods should also be avoided.

CCHD says cooling stations will be available as a reprieve from the heat and humidity during the emergency heat period. They will be available:

• Meijer on Hillcrest Avenue

• Wal-Mart on Bechtle Avenue

• Wal-Mart on Tuttle Road

• New Carlisle Public Library located at 111 E. Lake in New Carlisle

• All of the Clark County Public Libraries located at; 201 S. Fountain Ave. in Springfield, 1119 Bechtle Ave. in Springfield, 5 W. Jamestown St. in South Charleston and 209 Main St. in Enon.

• McDonalds located at 2133 S. Dayton-Lakeview Rd. in New Carlisle

• 3333 Lake Rd. in Medway in Bethel Township

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