George Floyd death: Springfield does not condone or tolerate racism, city officials say

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Springfield does not condone or tolerate racism

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Officials with the City of Springfield presented a livestream on afternoon to address the death of George Floyd, a black unarmed man in Minneapolis who died after being handcuffed and held with at least one officer pressing his knee into his neck.

Mayor Warren Copeland said the city does not condone what happened in Minneapolis, during the livestream that was shared on the city’s Facebook page.

“The chief has made clear that what happened in Minneapolis is contrary to the police of the city of Springfield’s police department,” he said. “We do not want our officers acting in that way and we will discipline them if they do. This is not what the City of Springfield should expect from their police and we do not expect it from public officials.”

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Commissioner Joyce Chilton and Commissioner Rob Rue agreed with Mayor Copeland, saying they believe everyone should be treated fairly and take a stand.

“We as leaders, along with our city police officers, our city firefighters, our city manager and our chief of police, we stand united in believing that everyone in the City of Springfield should be treated fairly,” Chilton said.

“Silence is no longer golden. The phrase all lives matter is a slap in the face to black racial injustice,” Rue said. “It’s time that we go ahead and take a stand, it’s time for the community members who have sat on the sidelines and stand, but stand peacefully and let your voice be heard.”

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The police chief and city manager were also in attendance, stating Springfield will not tolerate or condone racism or related actions.

“Springfield does not condone racism. The violence that we saw in Minneapolis, it was blatant disregard for human life and that is inexcusable and not tolerated, and we will not stand for that in our community,” said City Manager Bryan Heck. “Springfield is a community that rises above.”

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