Four individuals named ‘extraordinary women’ for service to Clark Co.

The Women’s Partnership Funds, an affiliate of the Springfield Foundation, has recognized four women for the contributions they have made to their community.

Bridget Doane, Paula Crew, Nancy Lutz, and Susie Rastatter were honored earlier this month.

The Women’s Partnership Funds Spring Luncheon, where the women were honored, shines a light on extraordinary women in Clark County, according to Susan Carey, director of grants and scholarships with the Springfield Foundation and member of the Women’s Partnership Funds Advisory Committee.

“It’s important for the community and especially for other women and young women to know some of the great things (and) the service that these young women are doing to help others in our community,” Carey said.

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The women were selected through a nomination process based on their leadership and service to the Clark County community, Carey said. They are:

Paula Crew

Crew, an administrator at Tecumseh Local Schools for 15 years, was named superintendent of the district in February 2018. In her first few months in the position, she worked with county officials and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to fund a school resource officer and has worked on Tecumseh’s strategic planning process.

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Bridget Doane

Doane is recognized for her work in philanthropic and civic initiatives and the nonprofit field. She currently serves as the director of development and donor relations at TAC Industries (The Abilities Connection), where she raises money for the organization. Doane is also involved in other philanthropic initiatives in the community.

Nancy Lutz and Susie Rastatter

Lutz and Rastatter, along with their husbands, are the founders of the Children’s Rescue Center in Springfield. The center provides free after-school programs for children ages K-6th grade, according to its website. The two women have worked together for more than 25 years.

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Carey commended all four women for their community service.

“They’re doing a lot of things to support our community. I think that it shows other people the importance of our service to one another,” Carey said. “They are role models for the rest of us.”

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