In Enon, a fun summer with food trucks

The summer of 2020 might be remembered in Enon as the summer of food trucks.

These gourmet delights on wheels have been a part of Enon’s event calendar since the beginning of May when Heather Stewart-Rigsbee set up the first rally.

After a couple of weeks in a small area the food truck gatherings found a new home base in the parking lot in front of the DeVore building. At 341 E. Main St. there was plenty of room for three food trucks, parking plus social distancing for the lines.

To make the site even sweeter it was next door to the village office. The DeVore family which owned the building and the building’s renter Tim Butler who owns FML Patio Covers and Awnings have been very supportive of the food truck concept. In fact, as Stewart-Rigsbee explained, they have provided some electrical assistance and a dumpster.

Just ordering food and picking up orders from the trucks requires careful attention to social distancing. Wearing of masks is not required but many do, especially if the waiting group is large.

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Some customers take off immediately with their food when it is ready. Others picnic in the adjacent lawn or eat in their cars.

“I think they have been amazing,” said Stewart-Rigsbee, who has monitored the gathering carefully. She pointed out that the times she saw people standing in groups they were usually family or coronavirus isolation groups, so that was just fine. Customers have also waited in the rain, standing under the eaves of the DeVore Building a careful distance apart.

Last time I visited I saw a mixture of masks, and bare faces, but I agree, the social distancing has been the rule every time. People seem to enjoy seeing familiar faces and visiting even with a couple of yards between them.

Normally the trucks are only there on Wednesday and Saturdays, but this holiday week brings more opportunity.

A Community Blood Drive was scheduled for Tuesday June 30 at the Enon Village offices. A food truck “Rolling Indulgence” was parked next door for donors to stock up on calories before or replenish after donating.

There was been tremendous support for the blood drive.

“We are 100% completely booked,” said Stewart-Rigsbee. “Completely full. Every spot is taken.”

On Wednesday July 1, two food trucks will be available; “Thai 1 On” and “T’s Heavenly Taste”

Even though Enon’s Independence Day parade and community picnic have been cancelled, there will still be a food truck in Enon on Saturday afternoon, July 4. This one will feature fair concession type food which is perfect for Fourth of July treats.

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Enon’s VFW Post 8437, 5075 Enon Xenia Road, will still be having its Independence Day celebration on July 3 beginning at 4 p.m. A few things will be different because of pandemic restrictions, but the fireworks are still scheduled for dusk.

Five food trucks are scheduled to be at the VFW in paved parking lot areas; “Thai One On,” “Red Wagon Concessions,” “Doogs Concessions,” “Mom Andrasiks’ Hungarian Cabbage Rolls,” “Ron’s Holy Smokin’ BBQ,” and “Biker Brats” in addition to the canteen inside. Parking on the grass areas will be managed by volunteers who will accept donations. Parking space is limited and the parking area will be closed when full.

Amy Branham, President of the VFW Auxiliary and Canteen Manager, has made some changes to the normal set up to be compliant with anti-virus efforts.

There will be only one entrance and one exit to the building, and the number of people in the building will be limited.

“We want them to go through the building and not lollygag,” said Branham, stressing that there will be no socializing inside.

The inside restrooms are for handicap only. Porto johns will be outside for everyone else.

There will be raffles and prizes in addition to a drawing for money every 15 minutes.

Social distancing will be important for everyone. Masks are not required at the event, but Stewart-Rigsbee encourages anyone who wants to wear a mask to do so.

I know I’ll be wearing mine.

Visitors should bring their own hand sanitizer/wipes, and lawn chairs. And they are asked to space chairs appropriately.

It seems to me that those who watch the fireworks from neighboring yards, and playgrounds need to remember to not sit too close to each other also.

“We are trying very hard to keep this socially responsible,” she said as she asked for cooperation. “We do what we can to give the community a nice fireworks display.”

The VFW is grateful that the Mad River Township Trustees and the Village of Enon contributed to the purchase of the fireworks, according to Branham. Community members are encouraged to donate at the event when asked. VFW members will be passing a donation can.

Independence Day will be different this year, but it can still be fun.

Take time to remember how our Independence was won, but don’t forget the health of those celebrating around you. Caring about our fellow citizens is part of our personal responsibility in this pandemic.

After all, we are in this together. Keep on keeping on.

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