Dozen fraternities and sororities kicked out of Miami in past 5 years

Here’s a look at Miami University fraternities and sororities that have been kicked off campus during the past five years.

August 2015: Kappa Sigma is unrecognized by the university after the national organization suspends the fraternity. The fraternity is still going through the judicial process, a spokesman said.

May 2015: Phi Kappa Psi and Sigma Nu fraternities are suspended following university investigation that found both fraternities had been engaged in hazing on their newest members and had hosted alcohol-fueled parties while on probation.

February 2015: Acacia is suspended after failing to comply with a community advancement program. There are no plans for the chapter to return.

February 2014: Miami University officials announce the founding Alpha Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has closed after an investigation uncovers hazing and alcohol violations. The fraternity is eligible to return during the 2016-2017 school year.

November 2012: Sigma Tau Gamma is suspended by its national organization. It was not ineligible for a return to campus until last year.

April 2012: The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi is closed indefinitely by its national organization after "repeated patterns of inappropriate behavior involving hazing and alcohol." The chapter had also been rendered a nine-month suspension in 2010 for damaging rooms in a Columbus hotel.

August 2012: A fireworks battle — later leading to a discovery of a large cache of illegal drugs — between neighboring fraternities Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Kappa Tau puts the organizations on suspension. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was allowed to return as early as last year but the university lists the group as unrecognized still. Phi Kappa Tau is listed as recognized by the university.

December 2010: Phi Gamma Delta is suspended for six months after hosting an off-campus party where police were called to investigate underage drinking.

May 2010: Two Miami University sororities make national news after details emerge about their wild sorority formals. Pi Beta Phi is suspended for one year after event organizers say the sorority flipped tables, urinated in sinks and broke decorations. Alpha Xi Delta is suspended for two years after damaging the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati during their sorority formal. After Alpha Xi Delta's return, the university again revokes their recognition for "prohibited use of alcohol." The chapter was eligible for return last year but is still listed as "unrecognized."

Source: Cox Media Group Archives and Miami University.

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