Downtown Springfield restaurant closing: ‘We wish we could’ve kept it going’

A family-owned downtown Springfield restaurant that’s been a regional dining destination for 12 years will close this weekend.

“It’s been a struggle for all 12 years we’ve been open, but it was never on the forefront of our mind (to close),” Doug McGregor, co-owner of Seasons Bistro and Grille said. “We loved this restaurant and wanted to keep it going forever.”

McGregor owns the restaurant with his sister, Margaret Mattox.

The brother-sister team opened the restaurant in 2008 after McGregor graduated from culinary school in Colorado. Close to graduation, Mattox asked him if he wanted to move back to Springfield and open a restaurant with her.

He did and after a year of research and planning, they opened Seasons Bistro and Grille.

“We both moved back to Springfield after moving elsewhere and we wanted to give what we had to Springfield,” Mattox said.

McGregor added, “We love our hometown.”

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Seasons Bistro and Grille was one of the first restaurants to open in downtown Springfield as the city worked to revitalize its core.

“While we are sad to see any small business close its doors, we are thankful to Seasons for the intricate part that they played in revitalizing our historic downtown,” Springfield City Manager Bryan Heck said. “We truly appreciate their 12 year commitment to customers, local growers and the Springfield community.”

The brother-sister team said they are proud of the role they have played in downtown development.

“We always loved our downtown,” Mattox said. “It is beautiful, historic, we have memories of being downtown as kids and we just wanted to do what we could to help that movement to revitalize.”

Seasons Bistro and Grille will serve dinner for the last time on Saturday.

“The restaurant industry is a challenging one, Mattox said. “We tried our best to make it work but between the loss of catering sales and a decline in restaurant sales due to the pandemic, what was already a significant challenge, became virtually impossible for us.”

She explained that their restaurant model requires a lot of labor, perishable inventory and an extensive inventory.

“We wanted the best food and we paid more for that and we wanted to utilize local foods - sometimes those cost more,” Mattox said. “We just got to the point where those things weren’t capable with all of the costs involved and the lack of volume.”

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Mattox said they will continue their catering business and will be available for consulting services regarding all aspects of the food service industry.

McGregor added, they are waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to “go away” to see what the landscape looks like as they decide what to do next.

They are hoping someone will be interested in purchasing the business and creating their own dining concept in the space, Mattox said. Anyone interested should contact her at

“Thank you to the people that have really supported us over the years - there are so many of them,” Mattox said. “We love them and wish we could’ve kept it going, but we are grateful for the 12 years we had.”

Seasons Bistro and Grille will have carryout and curbside pick-up during lunch, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. today and Friday and during dinner, 5 to 8 p.m. today, Friday and Saturday.

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