Pups enjoy a ‘pool party’ at doggie daycare to help beat the summer heat

A Springfield dog daycare and boarding facility took advantage of the warm weather on Monday by having a pool party for their dogs.

“We are having a pool party because it is so hot,” Laura Fazio, owner of Wags N Wiggles said. “We’ve invited all of our dogs to come out and enjoy the pools and the sprinklers.”

She explained that about 40 to 50 dogs enjoyed the pool party throughout a five-hour period.

The dogs also wore sunglasses and leis for photographs - that will be available to their owners.

“We are going to take some pictures of the dogs and let them play in the water and have a good time,” Fazio said.

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This was Wags N Wiggles’ first pool party for their dogs, but they are expecting to plan more parties later this summer, she said.

It is “extremely important” to keep dogs cool during the summer because some breeds can not be be out in the heat very long, Fazio said.

According to the National Weather Service, the high for Monday was near 90 degrees.

“Water is a cooling agent and it cools them right down, right away,” Fazio said.

The pool party was also an opportunity for the dogs to socialize with each other.

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“It is so important for the dogs to be socialized at a young age with other dogs and learn how to get along,” Fazio said.

She added that daycare for dogs is just starting to “take off.” Her facility has been serving the Springfield area for five years.

“When you pick up your dog from daycare at the end of the day - you’re tired from working and they’re tired from daycare,” Fazio said. “It just makes for a better dog because they don’t stay home and tear things up, get destructive or get anxiety from being left alone.”

Wags N Wiggles, located at 715 N. Bechtle Ave., provides dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training services. For more information, search for Wags N Wiggles on Facebook or call 937-504-7075.

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