Court orders EF Hutton to pay over $28,000 to recruiting agency

A financial firm that once called downtown Springfield home was ordered on Monday by Clark County Common Pleas Court to pay more than $28,000 to a California based company for unpaid services.

The lawsuit was filed in Clark County against EF Hutton earlier this year and stated that the financial firm which as of April faced a $12 million debt, failed to honor an agreement with Creative Circle LLC, an employee recruiting agency.

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A copy of the lawsuit stated that both companies had business transactions between them and “agreed upon the resulting balance due.” However, it accused EF Hutton of not paying what it owed.

Representatives of Creative Circle stated that EF Hutton failed to honor an agreement to pay $28,359.58 worth of services rendered, according to court documents. They added that the Springfield company knowingly accepted and received those services without making payment and “have been unjustly enriched.”

“The Plaintiff tendered a statement of the balance due to the defendants and the defendant did not object to the statement,” the lawsuit said, which asked Hutn Inc., formally known as EF Hutton America, to pay back the agreed amount with interest and other relief deemed just and equitable by the court.

The judgment filed on Monday ordered EF Hutton to pay the amount with: “An interest at the rate of 5 percent per annum from July 16, 2018 until paid, and court cost incurred herein.” It also stated that the company “having been duly summoned and failed to appear, answer or otherwise plead in response to (the plaintiff’s) complaint are in default.”

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The judgment represents the latest in several court filings against EF Hutton, which purchased and moved into one of the largest buildings in downtown Springfield in 2016.

The company had promised to bring more than 400 new jobs into the area, according to previous reports in the News-Sun. However, the promise was never fulfilled as the company failed to get its footing in a number of industries including trading stocks, social media and cryptocurrency.

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