Coronavirus: Northwestern changes graduation plans, keeps same date

The Northwestern Local School District has announced that their graduation ceremony will now be held at Taylor Field, according to a district official.

The ceremony will be held starting at 10 a.m. on May 30 as “a single student graduation,” said Superintendent Jesse Steiner.

This plan is a change from the previous one where students were originally scheduled a time to come to the school auditorium with four guests to walk across the stage and receive their diploma.

Students and staff will be issued a parking pass, and cars without a pass will not be allowed in the parking lot, Steiner said. Staff will park in the front parking lot, and students will get two parking spots that will be assigned alphabetically.

“Graduates and their guests must stay in their car until they are directed to get in the graduation line,” Steiner said.

Seniors can have up to 10 guests, or two carloads, and each person must wear a mask.

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“The first senior and guest will be sent to enter Taylor Field through the athletic complex gates,” Steiner said. “The next car will be released to get in line when the previous car load of guests are at least 10 yards away from that car.”

Steiner said this will continue until all the spots on the track are full, and each spot will be designated with a hurdle and a staff member for each group to stop and wait to be directed to the next spot.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the track, so make sure guests are capable of walking, Steiner said. All spots will also be filled before the first graduate’s name is called.

“The graduate will come up on stage and their guests will be on the track in front of the stage. The graduate will get their diploma and pictures will be taken at that time,” Steiner said.

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Lifetouch Photography will be at the ceremony to take pictures of the graduates.

As a graduate walks toward the stage, that will be the signal for groups to advance to the next stopping spot, Steiner said.

“After the graduate has left the stage, the graduate and guests can either leave the track through the north maintenance gate or move to the next stopping spot to watch the next graduate receive their diploma,” he said.

As each graduate leaves the track area, the next carload of people will be allowed to get in line, which will continue until all graduates have received their diploma.

“All graduates and their guests must immediately leave the campus after they have left the track area,” Steiner said.

German Twp. Police and the Clark County Sheriff’s Department will be in the parking lots to prevent congregation.

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