Santa Arrives in New Carlisle as part of Christmas season celebrations Dec. 1, 2018. MARSHALL GORBY/STAFF

Commentary: Christmas celebrations in full swing around Clark County

Holiday fun is continuing in Western Clark County as we get closer to the big day. In addition to myriad school and church programs, the entire community is invited to these events. There is no need to be “home alone” like in the movie.

This is the time of year for illumination. Since our longest darkest nights are in December and January the Christmas season is perfectly timed. Last weekend Enon had a lovely tree lighting ceremony and the Gazebo at Settlers Park in the heart of Enon is beautiful.

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On Saturday Dec. 8, the New Carlisle tree will be lit at 6:30 p.m. The Tecumseh Choir will sing and free candy canes and hot cocoa will be served. For the first time a Menorah will also be included in the display remembering the seventh day of Hanukkah

Meanwhile there is a fantastic outdoor Christmas light display going on at the Masonic Home until Jan. 2. It sparkles from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. every evening and the route is labeled.

Don’t you just love watching the Christmas displays increasing in number as we get closer to Christmas?

A big sign out in front of the Medway Church just south of Park Layne on Route 235 says that Santa will be there for breakfast on Dec. 8 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Breakfast and photos are free and two entertaining programs are planned.


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Rain may have stopped the parade in New Carlisle last Saturday but that did not stop the fun. Santa still arrived and the party and concert was in the New Carlisle firehouse. The FYI Grinch event was well attended and even the Grinch was smiling.

On Dec. 11, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will be presented as an old time radio show at the Davidson Interpretive Center, 5638 Lower Valley Pike. This is free and open to the public. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing evening.

One of my favorite Christmas events is the Enon Santa parade which will be held on Dec. 15. This is an entertaining one vehicle “parade” that processes through the neighborhoods of Enon and Mad River Township. There will be two “parades” with “Santa” on top either a well lit fire truck or the ladder truck, called the quint.

The Santa Parades begin at 5 p.m. on two distant corners of the township, Holiday Valley and Park Ridge. The department and the fire association will be posting maps on their Facebook pages. The department will also put out a notification on Twitter when they enter a subdivision.

“That way people don’t need to stand out all night,” said event coordinator Jeremy Leist.

The Santa Parade will be even brighter this year with the addition of more lights on the fire trucks, and sleighs and reindeer on top of the truck. The lights will dance to the music, explained Leist.

According to Leist, the fire truck will slow down as it passes a group of spectators, but it will not stop this year. Stopping made the parade last well past 11 p.m. last year and no one wants to freeze Santa or wear him out with 6 hours on top of a truck in winter time.

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We do not want coal in our stockings.

I was thrilled to know Leist was in charge of this event. When we first moved here Jeremy was one of my teenage shepherds in an outdoor nativity scene at Knob Prairie Church.

I guess if we stay around long enough we get to see the younger generation taking over. I hope it all goes smoothly for him.

Speaking of Knob Prairie Church in Enon, their annual Christmas Cookie Walk has been scheduled for earlier that day on Dec. 15, beginning at 9 a.m. That way those watching the Santa Parade can enjoy a variety of fresh cookies and fudge purchased earlier in the day.

As you finish your shopping, don’t forget there are dated New Carlisle Christmas Tree ornaments available for sale at Security National Bank and Abe’s Hidden Treasures in New Carlisle. This is a fundraiser for the spectacular New Years Eve Celebration being planned by the Heritage of Flight folks.

There are so many exciting things going on over the holiday season. Don’t forget to check the school and church calendars for even more.

Many of our churches have special Christmas Eve services planned. I cannot possibly list them all. However, I imagine the church doors are open to all who want to be there. There is nothing quite as peaceful as holding a candle and singing Silent Night together.

I hope you have a fantastic and beautiful Christmas season.