Clark State offering CyberSecurity degree with tuition, books covered

Clark State Community College is offering five all-expenses-paid CyberSecurity scholarships to U.S. Armed Forces veterans or anyone with a bachelor’s degree.

The program, which was started by the National Science Foundation, has been name the Community College Cyber Pilot Program (C3P) Scholarship for Service, according to Clark State.

“This is the first year that Clark State is offering these scholarships,” Laurie Means, Executive Director of Marketing for Clark State Community College said.

The unique program is designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of information assurance professionals that protect the government’s critical information infrastructure.

“All education costs are covered,” said Dan Heighton, professor of CyberSecurity/Information Assurance at Clark State. “Students will be required to intern at a federal agency the summer between years one and two and will be facilitated into the internship and a federal job after graduation.”

Qualified students who complete Clark State’s two-year CyberSecurity/Information Assurance program will receive a paid scholarship (tuition, fees and books) a stipend of $25,000 per year, cybersecurity internships and assistance with full-time employment.

To be eligible, prospective students must be interested in Clark State’s CyberSecurity/Information Assurance two-year degree, be able to commit to two years of full-time education and two-years of government employment, be willing to sign a promissory note, be able to meeting the requirements for security clearance and be willing to travel for prospective internships and job placement.

Applications for the program are due today, April 12.

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