Clark County sheriff to do internal investigation in deputy shooting

Internal investigation will follow attorney general’s investigation into the shooting of New Carlisle news photographer.

An internal investigation into the actions of a Clark County deputy who shot a news photographer will be conducted after the Ohio attorney general’s investigation is completed.

Deputy Jacob Shaw has been placed on paid administrative leave after he shot New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm on Monday night, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Radio traffic obtained by the Springfield News-Sun through a public records request from the night a deputy shot a news photographer reveals how first responders reacted to the shooting.

Shaw had stopped a car for a traffic violation and was in his cruiser to report the driver’s information to dispatchers, body camera video shows, when he fired two shots as he opened his driver’s side door.

“I need people here now!” he says to dispatch. “… Andy, I thought it was a freaking gun, dude!”

Shaw immediately begins to administer first-aid to Grimm and call for help.

Grimm says in the body camera video that he doesn’t want Shaw to lose his job over the shooting. Shaw can be heard on the telling Grimm he’ll be all right.

“Got shots fired and I need one here now,” Shaw says to dispatch.

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The dispatcher responds, “I’m clear, I’m getting you help there. Are you injured?”

Not long after, the dispatcher asks Shaw if anyone is not breathing.

“They’re breathing,” Shaw says. “Get them moving this way.”

Other first responders begin to say they’re heading for the scene.

“I need to confirm. We have an officer involved, correct?” one first responder says to dispatch.

“Affirmative,” the dispatcher responds. “122 is on a stop. Had a subject get out of the vehicle with what he thought was a 40. Shots fired.”

The first responder tells dispatchers to contact higher-ups.

“I want the lieutenant notified immediately,” he says.

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Grimm was taken to Miami Valley Hospital for surgery and was released on Tuesday afternoon. The New Carlisle community has united in support of Grimm. A fundraising page has been created online to support the family as he recovers. Others have posted about helping Grimm photograph events he may miss and raising money to purchase him a new camera.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office continues to investigating the shooting and a spokeswoman declined to comment on Friday.

Shaw makes $20.23 an hour. He applied as a cadet with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in 2012, according to his personnel file. He took a leave to deploy to Afghanistan between 2013 and 2014 and was named a deputy in the jail in 2015. He received good performance reviews in the jail division.

He was reprimanded once for “unsatisfactory performance,” for failing to properly count inmates. He was named to the patrol division in New Carlisle at the end of May, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Coming Sunday

The Springfield News-Sun first broke the news online Monday night that a Clark County deputy shot a New Carlisle news photographer and has closely tracked developments in the story since then. Coming Sunday, the News-Sun will take a deeper look at the legal standards for officer-involved shootings.

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