Clark County Municipal Court cases


Garrett H. Baker, 18, of 2102 St. Paris Pike, domestic violence amended to disorderly conduct, guilty, 30 days jail with 30 days suspended, 12 months probation.

Roger T. Lanier, 19, of 1136 E. John St., assault, guilty, 180 days jail with 100 days suspended.

Misty A. Richards, 37, of 901 Essex, public indecency, guilty, fined $50.

Printhia D. Roush, 40, of New Carlisle, child endangering, guilty, 180 days jail.

Chelsea Nicole Sites, 22, of 4160 Penny Pike, operating without valid operator’s license, guilty, fined $100.

Daniel J. Bloomfield, 25, of 844 E. Cecil St., Apt. ½, criminal damaging, guilty, 90 days jail with 60 days suspended, 30 days credit for time served, 12 months probation, fined $100.

Krysta Nicole Durden, 18, of 2954 Vester Ave., Apt. D, criminal damaging, dismissed.

Jerry L. Pyles Jr., 40, of 1029 W. Pleasant, falsification, guilty, fined $100; failure to comply, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, possession of drugs, three counts driving under suspension, dismissed.

Michael T. J. Young, 24, of P.O. Box 286, violation of protection order, violation of temporary protection order, dismissed; aggravated menacing, dismissed - prosecutor request.


Brandon Acosta, 34, of 1061 E. Home Road, Apt. B, two counts OVI, failure to drive on right, innocent, continued.

Dequan T. Anderson, 28, of 106 Walter St., assault, failure to comply, drug abuse marijuana, driving under suspension OVI suspension, turn and stop signal, no seat belt, innocent, continued.

Jenny R. Bainbridge, 45, address unknown, two counts receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $2,500.

Amber L. Beatty, 29, of 2530 E. High St., possession of drugs, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000; possession of drug abuse instrument, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000.

Harry W. Burns Jr., 42, of 915 Lagonda Ave., theft, innocent, continued, bond $1,500.

Jamaal L. Fleming, 35, of 1304 Bellefaire Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, public defender appointed.

Thomas Eugene Jackson Jr., 56, of 609 Tibbetts Ave., obstructing official business, innocent, continued, bond $1,500.

Melissa A. Leece, 20, of 1935 Jordan Dr., Apt. D, forgery, innocent, continued, public defender appointed.

Zachary J. Nabil, 19, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, innocent, continued, public defender appointed; assault, innocent, continued.

Brandon E. Sanning, 24, of New Carlisle, OVI, operate unsafe vehicle, improper lane change, innocent, continued.

Edward L. Sims, 63, of 122 W. Greenmount Ave., three counts violation of protection order, innocent, continued, public defender appointed.

Christopher C. Sollars, 30, of London, two counts OVI, failure to control, innocent, continued.

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