Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called include:

Austin J. Jent, 22, of Saint Paris, OVI, continued, driving under suspension OVI suspension, continued, failure to control, continued, OVI/urine, dismissed.

Marion W. Marmon, 38, of Columbus, burglary, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Jamar A. Roberts, 28, of 244 W. Grand Ave., drug abuse marijuana, dismissed - prosecutor request, OVI, continued, speed, dismissed, open container, dismissed, no seat belt, dismissed.

Jamar A. Roberts, 28, of 244 W. Grand Ave., OVI-mari/metabolite, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Ashlei R. Klontz, 35, of 837 Southfield Rd., assault, continued, no contact condition of bond.

Kathryn T. Mayberry, 40, of 1122 N. Murray, OVI, continued, referred to program (3rd time due to pandemic).

Joseph W. Roberts, 45, of 155 Meadow Ln., domestic violence, continued, public defender appointed, no-contact condition of bond.

Jimmy L. Dornon, 34, of 504 E. Southern Ave., OVI, continued, no operator’s license, dismissed, driving under suspension, dismissed, unauthorized plates, dismissed, failure to Dr. on right, dismissed, fail to register, dismissed.

Kyle Fry, 54, of Dayton, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed, unlawful restraint, guilty, 3 days of jail, 3 days credit for time served, fined $350.

Jason D. Stover, 34, of New Carlisle, OVI amended to physical control, guilty, 180 days of jail with 169 days suspended, 11 days credit for time served, 12 months of probation, administrative license suspension remains in effect 12/7/19 to 12/6/22, complete substance abuse program as recommended, fined $500.

James P. Watkins, 44, of 4240 Anoka St., OVI, continued, fail to register, dismissed, turn and stop signal, dismissed.

Joshua R. Wood, 34, of 1019 Farlow St., assault, bench warrant ordered, criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered.

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