Clark County Municipal Court cases


Rodney F. Ashley, 38, of 4748 Walker St., domestic violence, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Timothy J. Boeke, 56, of 711 W. Main St., two counts domestic violence, dismissed - indicted by the grand jury.

James E. Hinds, 58, of New Carlisle, OVI, guilty, three days jail, three days credit for time served, 12 months driver’s license suspension, fined $375; marked lanes, dismissed.

Ethan A. Hudson, 24, of 1019 Park Ave., driving under suspension, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Darnell M. Lowery, 20, of 515 Tarimore Dr., two counts tamper with evidence, discharge of firearm, dismissed - prosecutor request.

James C. Ryder, 37, of 1433 Siminole Dr., two counts assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Ariana D. Whitt, 27, of 1610 East St., extortion amended to coercion, guilty, 90 days jail; domestic violence, guilty, 30 days jail; falsification, extortion, harassment with bodily substance, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Jan Tomlin, 35, of 29 E. Liberty St., abandon animals, guilty, 10 days jail with 10 days suspended, forfeit ownership interest in dog, fined $100.


Tyler D. C. Benn, 21, of 835 Mansfield, possession of drugs, innocent, continued, public defender appointed.

Brooke Bowshier, 22, of 1115 Woodlawn Ave., assault, disorderly conduct, innocent, continued.

Edward L. Castle, 22, of 927 Warder St., felonious assault, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $5,000.

Tommy L. Kelly, 45, address unknown, use and possession of drug paraphernalia, guilty, 15 days jail, credit for time served.

Gabrielle Legge, 23, of Degraff, assault, guilty, 90 days jail.

Matthew M. Salyers, 36, of 2358 Lagonda Ave., cruelty to animal, innocent, continued, public defender appointed.

Cansas Lynn Weimer, 35, of 1232 Cedarview Dr., two counts OVI, failure to yield/red light, innocent, continued.

April L. Williams, 41, of New Carlisle, OVI, innocent, continued, public defender appointed; marked lanes, no seat belt, innocent, continued.

Richard D. Woodward, 48, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $500; menacing, innocent, continued.

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