Clark County Municipal Court cases

11:28 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 Community News
Clark County Municipal Court. Bill Lackey/Staff


Tatyana N. Alexander, 24, of 1541 Narra Pl., domestic violence, dismissed.

Justus A. Posey, 19, of Dayton, burglary, forgery, dismissed.

Charles E. Shonkwiler, 44, of 317 S. Greenmount Ave., domestic violence, dismissed.

Christopher L. Silvers, 39, of 1230 N. Plum St., Apt. 2, domestic violence, guilty, 90 days jail, fined $750.

Wayne A. Stinnett, 40, address unknown, domestic violence, assault, dismissed.

Abigail Varney, 20, of New Carlisle, two counts domestic violence, assault, dismissed.

Kyle L. Pianowski, 20, of Riverside, burglary, dismissed; possession of drugs, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Barbara N. Smith, 32, of 1107 N. Lowry, obstruct official business, dismissed.

Jason D. Tackett, 44, of Dayton, theft, identity fraud, dismissed - indicted by the grand jury; defrauding creditors, two counts forgery, identity fraud, dismissed.


Derek A. Betts, 26, of 363 Hensel Ave., theft, guilty, continued.

Tyrez L. Boyd, 24, of Indianapolis, Ind., aggravated robbery, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $500,000; obstructing official business, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $2,500; six counts abduction, obstructing official business, innocent, continued.

Bobbie Sue Elder, 39, of 1101 Garfield Ave., OVI, speed, innocent, continued.

Brian M. Ingram, 37, of 706 E. Home Road, two counts OVI, speed, no seat belt, innocent, continued.

Krysta M. Rollins, 25, of 916 Selma Road, use and possession of drug paraphernalia, guilty, 30 days jail.

Heather M. Shaw, 32, of 834 Cypress, theft, innocent, continued, public defender appointed, bond $1,000.

Edmund J. Smith, 37, of 1031 Dibert Ave., two counts OVI, failure to reinstate license, speed, no seat belt, guilty, continued.

Mark A. Willis, 45, of 2825 Broadview Dr., use and possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of drugs, physical control, open container/vehicle, innocent, continued.