Clark County home with 25 dogs investigated, owner says pets healthy

A Clark County home with dozens of dogs has prompted complaints from neighbors in recent years, but the health district and other county organizations said they are limited in what they can do.

The homeowner said the animals are well cared for and licensed, and some neighbors said the situation has improved recently.

The Springfield News-Sun received a call this week from someone who said they were concerned for the well-being of the dogs. Clark County Combined Health District Environmental Director Larry Shaffer estimated about 25 dogs live in the home.

The health district has received five complaints about the home in the 1300 block of Titus Road in Springfield Twp. since 2012, according to county records, with the most recent being this October.

The complaints include pet odors, solid waste in the yard and mosquitoes, according to the county records.

“The problems seem to be reoccurring but the occupants always seem to do just enough to meet the requirements under law,” Shaffer said. “But then they seem to repeat their behavior.”

Homeowner Susie Maynard said all of the animals are treated well. She and her husband run a dog rescue out of the home, she said, called Susie’s Metal for Mutts Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

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The dogs all are licensed, Maynard said, and they take in unwanted animals to try to find them good homes. She’s spent thousands of dollars on veterinarian bills, Maynard said.

She’s lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years and said she never had problems until a few years ago.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has investigated to check on the well-being of the dogs in the past, records showed, but found no signs of animal cruelty.

“We do believe that the animals are current with their rabies shots and do receive vet care,” Shaffer said.

Springfield Twp. doesn’t limit the numbers of dogs on a property that’s zoned agricultural, he said, which is how the Titus Road property is classified.

“We try to work with people to get a change in behavior to really resolve the situation,” Shaffer said.

The district has no current complaints on the property, he said. Neighbors in the area said Wednesday they’ve had issues in the past, but it’s been better recently.

Shaffer said anyone with concerns in any part of Clark County should call the health district at 937-390-5600.

“We don’t have the resources to continually go back to properties without any complaints,” he said.

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