Clark County health goals released Tuesday

Here's a look at the goals released on Tuesday at the 2016 Community Health Assessment/Health Improvement Plan meeting at the Springfield Center of Innovation: The Dome. The Clark County Combined Health District and other local health leaders will work together to implement these goals over the next three years to improve the health of Springfield and Clark County.

2016-2019 Community Health Improvement Plan

Task Force Goals


• Increase the minimum age to legally purchase tobacco products by the implementation of a Tobacco21 ordinance by March of 2019.

• Increase youth involvement in tobacco-use prevention by developing one STAND youth group by March of 2018.

• Increase community engagement regarding tobacco use and prevention by creating one sustainable social media process for promoting tobacco-related campaigns by March of 2017.

Chronic Disease

• Decrease the number of re-admissions among unaffiliated congestive heart failure patients within 30-90 days of discharge by establishing the establishment of primary care providers by March of 2018.

• Decrease the number of asthma attacks that require emergency services/treatment by implementing one home-based environmental intervention by March of 2018.

• Increase the number of patients completing ADA certified diabetes education courses through an increase in two ADA certified sites by March of 2018.

• Decrease the number of Springfield residents with tooth decay leading to extraction as evidenced by the fluoridation of the public water supply by March of 2018.

Mental Health

• Re-direct EMS frequent uses to appropriate care and reduce all EMS overuse by developing pre-hospital treatment protocols and related collaborative multi-provider agreements supporting the implementation of Mobile Integrated Health Care or similar system management concepts by March of 2019.

• Reduce the incidence of reported suicidal ideation within the various identified, at-risk populations who aren’t receiving mental health care by a 10% increase in the health literacy of targeted gatekeeper audiences to recognize the signs of suicide risk and knowledge about referral to services by March of 2019.

• Promote the mental health and well-being of youth in Clark County for the near- and long-term as evidenced by expanding the PAX Good Behavior Game from seven schools to 14, which is approximately half of the elementary schools across the city and county by March of 2019.

Substance Abuse

• Assist in the prevention of alcohol and other drug use in Clark County by implementing one evidence-based prevention program within priority populations by March of 2019.

• Collect key data to distribute to the community by creating a quarterly dashboard of statistics by March of 2019.

• Increase community outreach regarding drug addiction by implementing at least five presentations per year given to local businesses, schools and community service organizations to discuss stigma, education, services and treatment by March of 2019.

• Increase community education regarding substance abuse through the distribution of alcohol and other drug materials to law enforcement, health care providers, and other social service agencies by March of 2019.

• Reduce the number of fatal overdoses by 75 percent by March of 2019.

Physical Activity

• Streamline communication on events and activities to families in second grade and in the Promise Neighborhoods through quarterly email and flyers distributed on upcoming events by March of 2019.

• Increase physical activity daily in children involved in Promise Neighborhoods as evidenced by the implementation of one physical activity program in one second grade classroom of each school by March of 2019.

• Increase physical activity in second grade families by implementing three, small, community-based support groups for families in Promise Neighborhoods.

Healthy Births and Sexuality

• Assist in the decrease in unplanned pregnancies with special attention to teen pregnancies as evidenced by a 20 percent reduction in the teen birth rate by March of 2019.

• Provide support in the first trimester of pregnancy by offering access to care and support systems for pregnant women by March of 2019.

• Increase community outreach to minority populations regarding sexual health by increasing distribution of information by 30 percent.


• Increase access to healthy food options by an increase in two small retail stores/supermarkets selling nutritious foods by March of 2017.

• Increase the number of students receiving nutrition education by allowing the OSU Extension to provide education within their curriculum at two local schools by March of 2017.

• Increase community engagement by completing an assessment regarding food access barriers by March of 2017.

Source: Clark County Combined Health District