Clark County Dog Shelter helps family reunite with pet after 4 years

A dog that went missing in Columbus nearly four years ago was reunited with its owners on Saturday at the Clark County Dog Shelter.

Shelter staff found the stray dog running loose on Saturday. The staff used the dog’s microchip to locate its owners, who had kept their information up-to-date.

After learning the dog, named Smiley, was safe in Springfield, the Columbus residents picked him up three hours later.

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The family initially searched for Smiley in Franklin County, right after he went missing. It’s unclear how Smiley made his way to Clark County.

The microchip was crucial in helping reunite Smiley with his family, said Clark County Dog Shelter Manager Kat Stewart.

“We always push for dogs to have a microchip because it’s such a great secondary tool for owners,” Stewart said. “If their license falls off, at least they have a microchip in place in case their dog gets lost.”

A microchip is a permanent identification method used a help locate missing animals. The radio-frequency identification transponder — the size of a grain of rice — is inserted under the loose skin of their neck during a minimally invasive procedure.

When the microchip is scanned by a vet of dog shelter, it transmits the ID number, which includes owners contact information.

The Clark County Dog Shelter, 5201 Urbana Road in Springfield, offers microchip services year-round.

As a result of the reunion, the shelter is offering a special on microchip services through Wednesday; $20 for dog owners with a current dog license, $15 for those purchasing a new dog license, or $30 for those without proof of a current license.

For more information, contact the Clark County Dog Shelter at 937-521-2140.

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