Clark County Common Pleas Court



16-CV-0396 - Federal National Mortgage Assn., v. Cyle C. Young, 1731 E. Main St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 787 Woodbine for $34,937.

16-CV-0404 - Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, v. Jeffrey L. Rose, 2643 Hilltop Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $63,405.

16-CV-0405 - First Acceptance Services, Inc., v. Kimberly M. Foxx, and Barbara D. Foxx, Connelly Springs, N.C., complaint for $3,860 for damages to motor vehicle of plaintiff’s insured due to an auto accident on July 9, 2014.

16-CV-0406 - Wright-Patt Credit Union, Inc., Beavercreek, v. Kenneth S. Adams, New Carlisle, complaint for $18,000 and for $6,694 for breach of agreement on a retail installment contract and security agreement.

16-DR-0491 - Stephen F. Costello Jr., Wanatah, Ind., v. Jenness Costello, 1640 Merrydale Road, complaint for divorce.

16-DR-0495 - Andrew Stultz, 3320 Laura Lane, v. Cassy Stultz, Enon, complaint for divorce.


Bank of America, N.A., v. Jason E. Sartin, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Galaxy Portfolios, LLC, v. Richard C. Farrell, judgment revived in the amount of $14,780.

Tamara Carlisle v. JRK Property Holdings, Inc., case dismissed with prejudice.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Jamie S. Taylor, et al., judgment vacated, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.


Marriage Licenses

Maximiliano M. Ramirez Orozco, 30, 2424 E. High St., supervisor, to Norma Carolina Perez Lopez, 33, 2424 E. High St., assembler.

Melissa Ann Checkie, 46, 2165 Columbus Ave., transfer eval. specialist, to Peter Dennis Checkie, 55, New Holstein, Wis., sales.

Henry Colin Lewis, 46, 927 Tibbetts Ave., manufacturing, to Jamie Lynn Doolin, 50, 927 Tibbetts Ave., shipping.


Property Transfers

Kimberly Alexander to Dylan Stickney, 13 Fair Ave., Medway, $87,000.

Cerilda A. Combs to Cerilda Combs and Carl Goodner, 1920 Lincoln Dr., Medway; no fee.

Atonia J. Brown and Jason C. Campbell to Lisa M. Knueve, 1029 Bookwalter Ave., New Carlisle; $50,000.

Owen David Barrow and Mary Margaret Castle to Mary Margaret Castle Barrow, 1405 Cooper Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

Owen David Barrow to Mary M. Barrow, 1365 Cooper Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

Kathleen M. Carder, Trustee, to Frank and Corinne Scott, 703 Kennison Ave., New Carlisle; $36,000.

Tara O’Neill to Brian McDaniel, 302 Falcon Dr., New Carlisle; $110,000.

Lisa J. Yaw to Lisa J. Jewett and Lucy E. Yaw, 163 E. Main St., New Carlisle; no fee.

Marvin F. Hall to Nikki J. Beller, 4606 E. National Road, Springfield; $93,900.

Darren A. and Shari L. Drerup to Ryan C. and Julie A. Tirey, 6871 Arnold Ave., Enon; $89,200.

Todd W. Mills to Andrew and Charolette Call, 8129 Philadelphia Dr., Fairborn; $104,500.

John Alan Wing to Sarah P. Wiegel, 4040 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $210,000.

Nathaniel J. Silver to Oliver A. Reed, 1121 Cheyenne Ave., Springfield; $99,800.

Harry R. and Teresa J. Leffel to Corey T. and Jennifer L. Willman, 6590 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $269,900.

Neacol H. Robinson to Dustin M. Napper, 2727 Conestoga St., Springfield; $169,000.

John William Carey to Jody L. Chamberlin and Kim D. Chamberlin, 2345 N. Limestone St., Springfield; $80,000.

Penny Johnson Humphrey to Donald A. Williams, 1116 W. Rose St., Springfield; $4,500.

US Bank NA, Trustee, to Singh Properties LLC, 1108 Maiden Lane, Springfield; $20,400.

Angela K. Reese to Melissa F. Gentry, 1605 and 0 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $68,900.

Jeffrey A. Spencer to Harliss R. and Samantha L. Price, 1105 Mound St., Springfield; $8,000.

Brenda M. Whitaker to Marcus A. Reeder, 311 Ludlow Ave., Springfield; $79,900.

Hans Joachim Wagner and Susanne Neitzel to Susanne G. Neitzel Wagner and Hans J. Wagner, 125 and 0 Hawthorne Road, Springfield; no fee.

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