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Clark County Common Pleas Court



16-CV-0258 – The City of Springfield, Ohio, City Hall, 76 E. High St., v. Phyllis M. Miller, 3667 Randee Lane, et al., plaintiff demands defendants be required to set forth their interest or claim on property located at 1358 S. Center Blvd., or be barred, that property be sold and amount due plaintiff on the note be paid from sale proceeds and that all liens be marshaled.

16-CV-0259 – Ohio Edison Company, Akron, v. Melissa D. Pullen, 901 S. Fountain Ave., Apt. A, complaint for $34,313 for damages to electric distribution system and equipment located at or near 22 W. Pleasant St.

16-CV-0260 – Michael L. Evilsizer, 1711 Northgate Road, v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, and Ted Bolle Millwork Inc., 2834 Hustead Road, notice of appeal.

16-CV-0261 – Discover Bank v. Matthew Johnson, 2831 Oxford Dr., complaint for $19,063.

16-DP-0321 – Penny Mestiza, 318 N. Light St., v. Roger T. Lanier, 1136 W. John St., Apt. 10, petition for civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

16-DP-0322 – Amy L. Shirk, 2020 Portage Path, v. Eric D. Shirk, 2453 Red Coach Dr., Apt. 2, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.


U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee, v. Michelle L. Wheeler, et al., decree in foreclosure for $85,802.

PNC Bank, NA, v. John P. Alexander, title quieted.


Marriage Licenses

Dustin John Schmidt Sr., 33, New Carlisle, plastic extrud operator, to Bethany Renae Ferguson, 24, New Carlisle, stay-at-home mom.

Tyler Anthony Boldman, 20, 105 N. Clairmont Ave., machine operator, to Jessica Lynn Young, 22, 105 N. Clairmont Ave., janitor.

Nicholas Wendell Drugmand, 34, 5681 Plattsburg Road, CDL driver, to Kelly Sue Winget, 38, 4419 Ridgewood Road, W., home health care.

Bexley Pasquel Jung, 27, 2560 N. Limestone St., #203, nurse, to Tyler Kent Myers, 31, 2560 N. Limestone St., #203, IT.

Bryan Glenn Finfrock, 47, New Carlisle, food technologist, to Melissa Lee Utz, 46, New Carlisle, homemaker.

Michael Dean Westfall, 30, 833 W. Second St., programmer, to Kathryn Marie Hopkins, 28, 833 W. Second St., producer.

Megan Elizabeth Markl, 23, 3130 Heather Glen Ct., weld planning engineer, to Jacob Allan Durdel, 25, Columbus, controls engineer.


Property Transfers

Marcella Salyer to Penny Taylor, 151 Sinclair Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

George Edward Blake to Caleb and Carla Hilty, 4 Merrymack Dr., Medway; $121,500.

Steven D. Simons to Darrell M. and Barbara A. Albaugh, 822 Lake Shore Dr., Medway; $70,600.

David R. and Susan E. Stumpf to David R. and Susan E. Stumpf, Trustees, 2800 Wildflower Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Gladys L. Doolittle to Bette E. Ross, 218 W. Mound St., South Charleston; no fee.

Ryan W. Fields to Ryan W. Fields, 221 N. Chillicothe St., South Charleston; no fee.

Michelle L. Ramby to Richard W. Dickerson, 4620 Eldora St., Springfield; no fee.

Cathleen C. and Richard T. Ortquist to Charles E. and Kay L. Clark, 1847 Fox Ridge Dr., Springfield; $120,000.

PennyMac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 111 S. Main St., North Hampton; no fee.

Harold Eugene and Norma O. Grear to Norma O. Grear, 3033 Bradford Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Vanessa A. Vinson to Angela Haylock, 643J Villa Road, Springfield; $30,000.

Carol S. and James R. Stambaugh to Angela M. Lyons, 537 Argonne Ave., Springfield; $88,500.

Brandi N. Peters to Johnathan J. Rocky, 1221 W. Clark St., Springfield; $3,500.

The Bank of New York Mellon to Frederick A. Williams, 2440 Woodside Ave., Springfield; $36,100.

Gary S. and Carol L. Blain to Carol L. Blain, 718-720 Rubsam St.; 0 Berger Ave., five parcels; and 2750 Berger Ave., two parcels, Springfield; no fee.

Fat Cat East Enterprises LLC to Zachary S. Peck, 912-914 E. High St., Springfield; $90,000.

Laura M. Wood to Stacey A. Brown and Andrew J. Watters, 2002 Miracle Mile Road, Springfield; $119,400.

Ronald M. and Betty L. Deem to Betty L. Deem, 2133 E. Mile Road, Springfield; no fee.