Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage license:

Claude Henry, 37, of Springfied, healthcare provider and Loubert Petit-Homme, 30, of Springfield, none.

Kylee Fogle, 19, of Springfield, dental assistant and Cameron Hickey, 19, of Springfield, factory worker.

Faith Runkle, 43, of Springfield, preschool teacher and Patrick Roland, 48, of Springfield, electrician.

Jamie Hugh, 46, of Springfield, unemployed and Stanely Evens, 32, of Springfield, unemployed.

Megan Ianni, 24, of Springfield, unemployed and Kent Fagan, 24, of Dayton, systems engineer.

Nathan Jones, 38, of Springfield, IT tech and Catherine Tanujaya, 34, of Springfield, admin assistant.

Valerie Burns, 46, of New Carlisle, sales and Jerry Warren, 58, of New Carlisle, driver.

Property Transfers:

Elizabeth E. and Cletus W. Suther Trustees to Elizabeth E. Suther Trustee, 209 Frayne Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

Megan R. Bicknell to Michael F. McDaniel, 3786 Cloverdale Road, Medway; $159,000

James Nelson and Sandra Hedge to James Nelson and James Clay Hege, 11966 Lower Valley Pike, Medway; no fee

Phillip H. and Virginia P. Norris to Phillip H. Norris, 2660 Shrine Road, Springfield; no fee

William Wilcox Jr., to Angela SImonton and William L. Wilcox Jr., 1236 Holly Dr., Springfield; no fee

David E. and Cynthia A. Gotschall to Hannah Gotschall, 320 Clifton Road, South Charleston; no fee

Clara A. Beair to Garry Beair, 1517 Lucas Dr., Springfield; no fee

Kelly Patrice and Mark D. Moon to Gary and Jill McWilliams, 2556 Brookdale Dr., Springfield; $205,000

Russell M. Terry to Fifth Third Bank Trustee, 2611 Ehrhart Dr., Springfield; no fee

Patrick D. Patton to Leah Rose and Donald Ray Branham II, 4517 Cynthia Dr., Enon; $100,000

Sylvester and Judith A. Lewis to JMS Construction Inc., 6032 Dayton Springfield Road, Fairborn; $180,000

Paul R. and Rachal K. Padilla to Bryan L. and Monica R. Alfred, 4771 Pheasant Hill Ct., Fairborn; $280,000

Jessica S. and Brandon P. Clark to Brandon P. Clark, 260 Broadway Road, Enon; no fee

US Bank National Association to K&R Ryburn LLC, 2862 Ashlar Dr., Springfield; $62,000

Jimmie S. Surfus to James A. Thompson, 1722 Elaina Dr., Springfield; $139,900

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