Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



17-CV-0647 - Mitzy Brewer, 1407 Beverly Ave., v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Columbus, et al., notice of appeal.

17-CV-0648 - Wells Fargo Bank, NA, v. Jeffery L. Thomas, New Carlisle, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 95 Carlotta St., New Carlisle, for $105,128.

17-CV-0649 - The Huntington National Bank, Columbus, v. Darrell H. Sickels, 1102 Burt St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $51,541.

17-CV-0650 - Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, v. Sharon Kay Robinson, 4443 Willowdale Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $95,572.

17-CV-0656 - Security National Bank, Division of The Park National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St., v. Sharon K. Robinson, 4443 Willowdale Road, complaint for $46,235 due on Promissory Note.

17-CV-0660 - Prestige Financial Services, Inc., v. Delia Todd, 733 Sherman Ave., complaint for $15,054 due on Retail Installment Contract.

17-DS-1052 - Charles E. Crislip Jr., 1714 Kenton St., and LaShonda M. Crislip, 1575 Benin Dr., petition for dissolution of marriage.

17-DS-1055 - Brian Schoenfeld, Dayton, and Ashley Schoenfeld, Beavercreek, petition for dissolution of marriage.

17-DP-1057 - Kevin Snyder, 4401 S. Pitchin Road, v. Tonya Snyder, Franklin, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

17-DS-1058 - Kody L. Allen, 910 Allen Dr., and Jessica S. McDaniel-Allen, Mechanicsburg, petition for dissolution of marriage.

17-DR-1059 - Dean St. John, New Carlisle, v. Kristen St. John, Wilmington, complaint for divorce.

17-DR-1060 - Carrie J. Hall, 1638 Satinwood Cir., v. Eric J. Hall, Columbus, complaint for divorce.


State of Ohio v. David Hapner, convicted of domestic violence, 15 months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Tyrone Clark, community control continued to Dec. 9 due to violation, 21 days jail with credit for time served.

Donna Toler v. American Family Insurance Co., et al., case dismissed with prejudice.

Kaitlyn L. Overholser and Ryan J. Overholser, dissolution of marriage.

William C. Wood II v. Mallory Smith Wood, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility and living separate and apart for more than one year.

Michelle Robinson v. Joseph Robinson, domestic violence civil protection order denied.

Roy Turney v. Kelly Miller, protection order denied.

Kelly Lynn Miller v. Roy Keli Turney Jr., protection order denied.

Al Overholser v. Evan Boyd aka Everett Boyd, protection order denied.

Jennifer Nicole Hardacre v. Albert Andrew Robinson, domestic violence civil protection order granted.

Amanda Rose Morley v. Edward Damien Palmer, protection order denied.


Marriage Licenses

Daniel Santizo, 20, 628 York St., warehouse work, and Anahi Nohemi Ramirez Perez, 18, 628 York St., warehouse work.

Robert Eugene Coy, 35, Belle Center, car hauler, and Kathleen Therese Vanuch, 34, 616 Kramer Road, teacher.


Property Transfers

Martin Rodriguez Avina and Samuel Avina to Miguel Gutierrez Rodriguez, 940 Portland Ave., New Carlisle; $98,000.

David E. and Cathy L. Blue to Momin Shoukri, 200 Shepard St., New Carlisle; $50,000.

Gladys M. Sprague to Donald L. Sprague, 201 W. Jefferson St., New Carlisle; no fee.

Judith A. Entler to Brian E. Parrett, 539 N. Buena Vista Road, South Vienna; $118,000.

Luke K. and Lori A. Everhart to Matthew Reese, 10091 S. Charleston Pike, South Charleston; $233,000.

David C. and Rosella Yost to Rosella Yost, 0 Botkin Road, London; no fee.

John Matthew and Jennifer Schmittaur to Donnie D. Miller, 4732 Cullen Ave., Springfield; $111,000.

Gloria A. and Thomas J. Veskauf, Trustees, to Gloria A. Veskauf, 806 Brendle Trc., Springfield; no fee.

Monte W. Zinn to Richard L. Ryan III and Erica C. Ryan, 0 Myers Road, Springfield; $39,500.

Anna M. Dohme to John E. and Linda R. Christensen, 11200 Stafford Road, New Carlisle; $245,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Amy E. and Todd A. Bowshier, 182 Meadow Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Thomas J. and Gloria A. Veskauf, Trustees, to Gloria A. Veskauf, 2529A Red Coach Dr., Springfield; no fee.

RRM Holdings LLC to Diane Worthington, 539 Mead Lane, Springfield; $62,000.

Carolyn L. Neville to Christopher A. Haddix, 215 N. Arlington Ave., Springfield; $58,000.

David E. Backus to HSBC Bank USA NA, Trustee, 800 Southfield Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Lawrence R. Green and Randall Brian Green to Stephan and Rasheed Akram, 0 E. Pleasant St., two parcels, Springfield; $1,500.

Jerry W. and Deborah S. Garrison to Holly Culp Denner, 1629 E. Home Road, Springfield; $45,500.

Dove Pentecostal Assembly to Clyde R. and Robin M. Suttles, 414 S. Fountain Ave., Rear; 418 S. Fountain Ave.; 418 S. Fountain Ave., Rear; 424 S. Fountain Ave., two parcels; 20 E. Pleasant St., Rear; 20 E. Pleasant St.; 22-24 E. Pleasant St.; and 0 S. Limestone St., Rear; Springfield; $127,600.

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