Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

New suits:

20CV0055 — Michael Ogan, Quincy v. Lee’s Famous Recipe Restaurant, 202 N. Main St., New Carlisle; personal injury.

20CV0056 — Stephen F. Reeves, Chillicothe v. DYTR Staffing and Management Company Inc., Cincinnati; Bureau of Works Compensation appeal.

20CV0057 — Capital One Bank USA NA, Columbus v Randall L. Wright, 4638 W. National Road; money on account.

20CV0058 — PNC Bank National Association, Miamisburg v. Jay F. Young, 401 E. Cecil St.; foreclosure.

20CV0059 —Wintrust Mortgage, Des Plaines, Ill. v. John F. Mears III, North Lewisburg; foreclosure.

20CV0060 — Citizens Bank NA, Glen Allen, Va. v. Cory D. Adkins, Dayton; foreclosure.

20CV0061 — Jerome S. Vinson, 3015 Linmuth Drive v. Dorene Tenorio, 802 N. Limestone St.; action for money.

20CV0062 — Freedom Mortgage Corp., Fishers, Ind. v. Dustin M. Miller, 5235 Middle Urbana Road; foreclosure.

20CV0063 — Bank of America NA, Newark, Del. v. Ronald A. Shipley, 2700 Allen Drive; money on account.

20CV0064 — Southwest Stage Funding LLC, Chandler, Ariz.; v. Unknown spouse of Daniel Headly aka Daniel A. Headley, 7091 Dayton Springfield Road, Enon; foreclosure.

20CV0065 —US Bank National Assoc., c/o Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, Greenville, S.C. vs. Scot A. Hudson, 221 Stanford Place; foreclosure.


20CV0066 — Sylvia Fleming, 1125 Lagonda Ave. v. Charter Communications LLC, 75 W. Main St.; action for money.

20CV0067 — Cincinnati Insurance Co., Cincinnati v. James A. Cosper II, 11635 W. Jefferson St.; action for money.

20CV0068 — Bank of America NA, Columbus v. Erin Bediako, 10224 W. Union Road, Medway; action for money.


James Oliver, 70, of 336 S. Tecumseh Rd., retired and Teresa Stetler-Clear, 61, of 336 S. Tecumseh Rd., receptionist.

Mathew Rodriguez Rosario, 26, of 2361 S. Dayton Lakeview Rd., security and Ingris Zarate Gramajo, 19, 2361 S. Dayton Lakeview Rd., none.

Ashlee Cavitt McGee, 29, of 308 E. Third St., cosmetologist and Kevin Peterson, 41, of 308 E. Third St., optics.

William Henry, 78, of 3337 Old Clifton Rd., retired and Brenda Anderson, 57, of 3337 Old Clifton Rd., analyst.

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