Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



State of Ohio v. Sarah B. Holton, case dismissed.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company v. Joseph M. Deering, et al., decree in foreclosure for $114,703.

Bank of America, N.A., v. Paul E. Dixon, et al., case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

MTGLQ Investors, L.P., v. Kyle Lee Curtis, et al., decree in foreclosure in rem.

State of Ohio v. Robert Givens, case dismissed.

Richard I. Quillen v. GFS US Holdings, LLC, and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, case dismissed with prejudice.

Tracy Overman on behalf of a minor v. Garrett Baker, civil stalking protection order denied.


Marriage Licenses

John Brandon Morgan, 26, 133 Willis Ave., tree service, and Shanda Lee Skaggs, 31, 560 Chestnut Ave., construction.

Timothy Lee Wilkerson, 55, 208 W. Perrin Ave., professor, and Karl David Breidenbach, 56, 208 W. Perrin Ave., student.


Property Transfers

Walter R. and Tamara L. Brooker to Shannon G. and Douglas C. Harshman, Trustees, 1342 Ronald Road, Springfield; $118,000.

Jonathan K. Perrin to Farmer & Farmer LLC, 410 S. Western Ave., 356 and 0 Buxton Ave., and 0 Buxton Ave., Rear, Springfield; $37,000.

Lisa A. Sheehan to Thomas L. and Sandra M. Bird, 1828 Timberline Dr., Springfield; $165,000.

Ronald Daugherty to Sergio R. Villalpando Flores, 252 Selma Road, Springfield; $1,000.

Jerry D. Radford Jr., to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 633 S. York St., Springfield; no fee.

Edward C. and Alicia M. Michek to Edward C. Michek, 17 Fair Ave., Medway; no fee.

Ben E. and Mary Ann Cooper, Trustees, to Joshua A. and Megan L. Coomer, 300 and 0 Linden Ave., New Carlisle; $174,100.

Janice M. Clark to Deborah S. Mensi, 1205 Langdale Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

John C. and Pamela R. Gamble to John C. Gamble, 4523 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; no fee.

Diplomat Property Manager LLC to Cade H. Craig, 3632 and 0 Miller Road, Springfield; $125,000.

Tammy J. and Michael D. McCracken to Sean E. and Kristin M. Hartman, 5363 Selma Pike, Springfield; $51,400.

Scott Greentree to US Bank NA, 4263 Limrick Road, Springfield; $134,500.

Barrett L. and Carla E. Myers to Carla E. Myers, 0 S. Charleston Pike, South Charleston and 9041 Columbus-Xenia Road, South Solon; no fee.

Karen E. Sermersheim to Douglas V. and Karen E. Palomaki, 1130 Blue Jay Dr., Enon; no fee.

James D. Grapentine, Trustee, to Erin Thomas, 210 Grand Valley Dr., Enon; $147,500.

Harry L. Smith to Stanley T. Gaither and Mary Ann Thompson Gaither, 3740 Bosart Road, Springfield; $170,000.

Rita E. Vaughn and Sheila E. Anderson to Gary R. and Lisa J. James, 5140 Stoneridge Dr., Springfield; $135,000.

Alicia D. Smith to Kathleen K. and Robert Draving, 8161 Troy Road, New Carlisle; $131,000.

Timothy W. and Jacqueline S. Cooper to Chase Sprunger, 3756 E. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $125,000.

Nancy A. Brannick to Julie Brown and Nancy A. Brannick, 1148 Foxboro Road, Springfield; no fee.

Patricia Swonger Lambacher to Charles and Ronda Fenwick, 1435 Eastgate Road, Springfield; $85,000.

Mary L. Keeton to US Bank NA, Trustee, 1777 Delaware Ave., two parcels, Springfield; $16,700.

Anna Mae Estep to Linda K. Catanzaro, 403 Dayton Ave., Springfield; $14,000.

Jared S. Houseman and Ashten O. Houseman to US Bank NA, 2316 Kenilworth Ave., Springfield; $39,600.

Norval Edward Henry to Norval Edward Henry and Nurjehan Henry, 366 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield; no fee.

William Rodger and Marcia A. Walsh to Daniel R. Comer, 900 Emery St., Springfield; $57,000.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to Castlerock 2017 LLC, 2502 Beatrice St., Springfield; $21,000.

Susan E. Ryan to Susan E. Ryan, 1035 Lafayette Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher T. Berrien, 1186 Delta Road, Springfield; no fee.

Nathan A. Simpson to TL & NC LLC, 835-835 ½ Warder St., Springfield; $20,000.

Richard U. Martin to Daniel J. Martin, 1719 Highland Ave., Springfield; no fee.

John C. and Pamela R. Gamble to John C. Gamble, 480 Selma Road, Springfield; no fee.

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