Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

New suits:

19-CV-0604 — Jennifer Slaven, Fairborn v. Stephanie McCloud, administrator, Bureau of Workers Compensation, Columbus and Cornerstone Innovation, Medina; notice of appeal.

19-CV-0605 — US Bank NA, v. Delia A. Brust, 1796 Willow Lakes Drive; action for money.

19-CV-0606 — Family Dollar, Chesapeake, Va. v. Ashleigh N. Mason, 926 Southern Ave. and Bureau of Workers Compensation, Columbus; notice of appeal.

19-CV-0607 — Mortgage Research Center LLC, Trenton, N.J. v. unknown heirs, devisees, legatees and assigns of Melanie D. Carne Rosasco; foreclosure.

19-CV-0608 — Midfirst Bank, Oklahoma City, Ok. v. Elizabeth Lockhart, 85 Estelle Ave., Enon; foreclosure.

19-CV-0609 — James Maiolo, 1809 Highland Ave. v. Thomas Franjesevic, 4739 Ashley Drive and Kyle Richard Parker, 6490 South Charleston Clifton Road, South Charleston; personal injury.

19-CV-0610 — Everett Junior King, 311 Stanton Ave. v. Marsha L. Tiffner, 22 W. Hunter St., Enon and Danny R. Mershon, 201 E. North St.; personal injury.

Marriage licenses:

Jonathan Trey Brunaker, 26, 7861 Troy Rd., baseball player, and Darci Ann Morris, 22, 82 Tuttle Rd., special needs teacher.

Loren Scott Goins, 39, 301 Sunset Dr., engineering technician, and Jeri Lynne Kniess, 38, 301 Sunset Dr., librarian.

Lee Dustin Bair, 31, 635 Buena Vista Rd., retired veteran, and Laura Elizabeth Asterino, 30, 635 Buena Vista Rd., receptionist.

Property transfers:

Keith L. and Mary K. Willeford to Keith L. and Mary K. Willeford Trustees, 6975 Mosier Road, Yellow Springs; no fee

Kenneth L. Hensley to Derek Stites, 420 Fairfield Pike, Enon; $43,000

Mary Austin to Robert J. Shanahan, 1621 Biscayne Dr., Springfield; no fee

Verla L. Young to Brenda S. Valley, 4401 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; no fee

Sharon Stambaugh to Kyle W. and Ashley N. Eaton, 4423 Tacoma St., Springfield; $167,000

Daniel and Diane Osborne to Julie Storm, 4542 Ridgewood Road East, Springfield; $85,000

Cole DG Springfield OH LLC to MDC Coast 19 LLC, 1660 Moorefield Road, Springfield; $1,453,300

Kenneth E. and Janet M. Alexander to Kenneth E. Alexander, 1940 Shady Oak Ct., Springfield; no fee

Willoughby Place LLC to Chris W. and Rebecca Lewis, 647 Hiser Ave., Springfield; $70,000

Barbara A. Laming to Eric and Theresa A. Crow, 20 Thomaston Trail, Springfield; $165,000

Steven H. and Joan P. Grieser to Louis M. and Pamela Bartee, 112 Thomaston Trail, Springfield; $239,500

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