Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



18-DP-0547 - Leticia Ramirez, Medway, v. Micaela Herrera, Medway, petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DP-0618 - Jennifer L. Deaton, 243 S. Kensington Pl., v. David Birt Jr., 329 Mt. Vernon, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

18-DS-0728 - Kristine L. Vanover, New Carlisle, and Kyle T. Vanover, Troy, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DS-0729 - Natalie Jean Price, South Vienna, and Nathan Alan Price, South Charleston, petition for dissolution of marriage.

18-DP-0730 - Helen Threats, 534 W. Parkwood Ave., v. Alphonse Rickman, 351 Buxton Ave., petition for civil stalking protection order.

18-DR-0731 - Salina Burton, 2282 Ballentine Pike, v. Roddell Keith Burton Jr., 2282 Ballentine Pike, complaint for divorce.


James Willis Sr., v. Thomas McVey, civil stalking protection order denied.

Jason Davis and Cheryl Davis, dissolution of marriage.

Joseph Fultz and Nastassia Fultz, dissolution of marriage.

State of Ohio v. Angela Sue Brickman, convicted of receiving stolen property, 90 days jail, sentence stayed until Nov. 2 for compliance of certain conditions, if all conditions complied with, sentence suspended.

State of Ohio v. Elizabeth Taylor, case dismissed.


Marriage Licenses

Amanda Lee Spellman, 30, New Carlisle, claims serv. specialist, and Zachariah Nathanial Ennis, 30, Tremont City, electrical engineer.

Korbin Nicholas Smith, 19, 1339 Vester Ave., Apt. 313, crew trainer, and Jason Sa’Quan Quinonez, 18, 1339 Vester Ave., Apt. 313, manager.


Property Transfers

Jeremy R. and Jessica Lynn Millar to Jessica Lynn Millar, 690 Bischoff Road, New Carlisle; no fee.

Leslie W. Miller and Lolita Jane Miller to Gerald B. and Kathryn E. Lewis, 312 Orchid Dr., Medway; $130,000.

Donald J. and Betty A. Jergens to Debra J. Yinger, 555 Victory Road, Springfield; $239,900.

Kenneth J. O’Brien III and Adrienne M. O’Brien to Kenneth J. O’Brien III, 400 W. Madison St., New Carlisle; no fee.

Alina Jean Mathena to Susan Elliott, 310 Galewood Dr., New Carlisle; $60,000.

World Evangelistic Enterprise to Strong Tower Christian Media, 0 Troy Road, Springfield; no fee.

Harmony Township Trustees to Roger L. Boldman and Pamela A. Dickerson, 10584 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $1,500.

Harmony Township Trustees to Pamela A. Dickerson, 10640 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $1,500.

Hawkins Farm Investments LLC to Hawkins Farm Investments LLC, 0 Plattsburg Road, Rear, three parcels, and 8323 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Steven D. Williams to Steven J. and Jennifer Williams, 129 W. Jamestown St., South Charleston; $31,000.

Mycumortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 6894 Joseph Dr., Enon; no fee.

Dana P. Cooley to Dana P. Cooley, 5111 Ridgewood Road, W., Springfield; no fee.

Patrick N. and Cynthia R. Maurice to Daniel and Elizabeth Deardorff, 1015 Spring Falls Ave., Springfield; $299,900.

William V. and Karen E. Bates, Trustees, to William V. and Karen E. Bates, 8005 Jones Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Andrew C. and Tiffany L. Ross to Colleen Matter and Kurt Koenigs, 5423 Fletcher Chapel Road, Springfield; $362,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Jennifer Maureen Reedy and Brian Keith Benedict, 39 S. Bird Road and 0 Bird Road, Rear, no fee.

David Cole Sesslar to Andrew C. and Tiffany L. Ross, 1005 Tioga Crt., Springfield; $245,000.

Connie E. and William C. Colwell to Sharon Shambaugh, 3072 Brixton Dr., E., Springfield; $125,000.

Ganesh G. Potdar to Malati G. Potdar, 3032 Linmuth Dr., E., Springfield; no fee.

LH to Brian and Debra Compton, 3011 Haverhill St., Springfield; $115,000.

Timothy R. Null Jr., and Melvina Blackburn to Duane R. Miller, 832-836 W. Pleasant St., Springfield; $6,000.

Mycumortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 359 N. Western Ave., Springfield; no fee.

James R. Miller, Trustee, to Kathryn Biondi, Trustee, 617 S. Tanglewood Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Richard A. Zirkman to Stephanie A. Ortiz and Heather M. Simpson, 2594 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Trustee, to Michael Reeder, 1806 Sweetbriar Lane, N., Springfield; $33,000.

Steven B. and Patricia J. Shelton to Bryant Family Properties LLC, 1723-1725 Mound St., Springfield; $54,000.

Joseph A. Dickens to Charles R. E. Hardy, 1818 Charles St., Springfield; $49,900.

Kevin Derr, Trustee, to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 1027 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

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