Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff
Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff



19-CV-0242 – Springfield OPCO, LLC, dba Arbors At Springfield, 1600 St. Paris Road, v. Esther Frey and Mike Frey, 1418 Amherts Road, complaint for $11,063 for room and board and provided nursing care services.

19-CV-0243 – U.S. Bank NA, Cincinnati, v. Jack E. Woods, 2620 Moorefield Road, complaint for $3,846.

19-CV-0244 – Incenta Federal Credit Union, a division of Pathways Financial Credit Union, Inc., Englewood, v. Kathy A. Piatt, deceased; unknown spouse, name unknown, of Kathy A. Piatt, deceased, 647-K Villa Road, et al., complaint in foreclosure for $18,610.

19-CV-0246 – Matthew W. Haytas, 705 Wellington Dr., v. General Motors, LLC, c/o CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service, Columbus, complaint for full purchase price of vehicle, collateral charges, etc., and for Ohio Lemon Law, etc., regarding 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

19-DP-0168 – Brioni Whalen, 2223 S. Yellow Springs St., v. Martyna Hannahs, 1793 Broadway St., petition for civil stalking protection order.

19-DP-0169 – Peggy Jo Gonzalez, 403 E. Cassilly St., v. Malik T. Shaw, 1370 Warder St., petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DR-0194 – Katrina Sue Ellis, 1159 Selma Road, v. Morgan Nicholas Ellis, 432 E. Southern Ave., complaint for divorce.

19-DS-0195 – Charity Pelfrey, 4748 Walker St., and Johsua Pelfrey, 4640 Middle Urbana Road, petition for dissolution of marriage.


State of Ohio v. Christopher McFarland, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Michael Nawman, case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Jeffrey Spriggs, case dismissed.

MidFirst Bank v. Jessica D. Huber, et al., judgment and decree in foreclosure vacated, case dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.

Freedom Mortgage Corp., v. Carolyn J. Young, et al., judgment and decree in foreclosure vacated.

Rodney L. McFarland v. Jenna C. McFarland, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

Jamie R. Doughman and James M. Doughman, dissolution of marriage.

Hatler Jarvis II and Tiffany Jarvis, dissolution of marriage.

Tina Louise Staccia and Ricky Allen Staccia, dissolution of marriage.


Marriage Licenses

Ethan Jess Garrison, 29, of Vandalia, auto insurance sales and Madison Ashley Tidwell, 24, of 1375 N. Lake Road, New Carlisle, nanny.

Collin Grant Ford, 22, of 322 Bill Edwards Drive, plumber and Madeleine l Demarie Bonvillain, 23, of 1336 N. Limestone St., registered nurse.


Property Transfers

Ashlia Kitchen to Joshua W. and Nicole Jennifer Schilling, 3989 Tomahawk Drive, Medway, $177,400.

Mark Lee Shank to Mark Lee and Lora R. Shank, 309 Garfield St., New Carlisle; no fee.

Gary L. Pence, trustee to Mark Lee Pence, 301 Ohio St., New Carlisle; no fee.

Tschida Investments LLC to Penny L. Carter, 1480 E. Jackson Road, Springfield; $134,000.

Gary L. Pence, trustee to Gary Lynn Pence, South River Road, Yellow Springs; no fee.

Mary A. Dean to Premier Property Sales LTD to Mary A. Dean, 3125 Old Mill Road, Springfield; $57,000.

Gary L. Pence, trustee to Judy Ann Pirone, 3559 S. Tecumseh Road and 3507 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; no fee.

Donna J. Riley to Beau G. and Sara J. Drum, 6294 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $250,000.

Michael L. Stacy to Darrin T. Daniel, 43 Green Valley Drive, Enon; $94,500.

Mary Helen Campbell to David Douglas Pergram, 4526 Ridgewood Road, E., Springfield; $82,900.

Donald E. and Lois Diamond to Donald E. and Lois C. Diamond, 2631 Springfield Xenia Road, Springfield, no fee, two parcels.

Marc W. Storm to Matina K. Lagos, 760 Shrine Road, Springfield; $40,000.

Charles W. and Susan E. Paul to Christopher M. Kimberly Burris, 3345 Kenerly St., Springfield; $280,000.

Curtis Thompson and Peggy L. McPherson to City of Springfield, 1515 W. Rose St., Springfield; no fee.

Willie Ballard to City of Springfield, 826 W. Perrin Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Brian D. Hopkins to City of Springfield, 518 S. Light St., Springfield; no fee.

Lillian Swain to City of Springfield; 932 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield; no fee.

Bank of America to City of Springfield; 509 W. Southern Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Guadalupe Ramirez to City of Springfield; 624 W. Columbia St., Springfield; no fee.

Jad T. Coy to Stacey Laux, 1331 Amherst Road, Springfield; $76,000.

Victor J. and Verna L. Pence to City of Springfield; 1720 W. High St., Springfield, no fee.

Donald E. and Lois Carole Diamond to Donald E. and Lois C. Diamond, 235 S. Greenmount, Springfield, no fee.

Kathryn Denise Vonderheide, trustee to Kathryn Denise Vonderheide, 1310 Burt St., Springfield; no fee.

Robert L. Palmer to The Ridgewood Group LLC, 818-820 Drive, Springfield; $39,000.

Sandra Manning to City of Springfield; 1821 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Elsie E. Biggs to City of Springfield; 10137 Wayne Ave., Springfield; no fee.

John W. and Barbara Steinberger to City of Springfield; 1822 Highland Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Shannon Mills to City of Springfield; 1826 Highland Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Bruce L. Jones to City of Springfield; 1553 Center Blvd., Springfield; no fee.

Kathy E. Keeton to City of Springfield; 1315 Tibbetts Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Em & UU Properties LLC to City of Springfield; 1524 Clay St., Springfield; no fee.

Phonesalena Harris to City of Springfield; 1532 Clay St., Springfield; no fee.

Mary Jackson to City of Springfield; 1745 Kentucky Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Jenalee R. Newland and Eric A. Krieg, 20-20 1/2 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Gerald L. Greene III LC to City of Springfield; 15-17 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Roland Vollbeher to City of Springfield; 911 Clifton Ave.; Springfield; no fee.

Larry J. Gilbert to City of Springfield, 912 Clifton Ave.; Springfield; no fee.

Joseph W. and Bonnie M. Rife, 622 E. Euclid Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Charles F. Hutchinson to City of Springfield; 142 E. Southern Ave, Springfield; no fee.

Benjamin Orrin and Amy Callender to Dustin Coffey, 359 Terrace Drive and Glenmore Drive, Springfield; $11,500.