Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Marriage licenses:

Tayla McCoy, 22, of 1216 N. Plum St., teacher and Delivio Garcia Lopez, 22, of 1216 N. Plum St., cook.

Connie Tackett, 46, of 417 W. Euclid Ave., labor and Douglas Osborne, 53, of 417 W. Euclid Ave., disabled.

Sarah Jackson, 20, of 417 w. Euclid Ave., unemployed and Cody Lane, 24, of 417. W. Euclid Ave., unemployed.

Josie Marshall, 24, of 3542 Bosart Rd., unemployed and Richard Moffitt, 38, of 3542 Bosart Rd., manufacturing.

Robert Thornton, 33, of 241 Green Vista Dr., construction project AN. and Angie Zapata, 29, of 7250 Winslet Blvd. Apt. 2D, hotel manager.

Property transfers:

Karen and Kenneth Wooten to Kamryn Beaver and Kirby G. Dunham, 4303 Detrick-Jordan Pike, Springfield; $100,000

Amy Bell to Thomas J. Myers, 5784 Old Clifton Road, Springfield; $151,000

Frances H. Culbertson to Marne Winona Simpson, 9350 S. Charleston Park, South Charleston, no fee

Larry J. Bair to Joshua and Morgan Barnett, 9662 S. Charleston Pike, South Charleston; $325,000

Frances P. Henry to David A. Henry, 267 S. Harrison St., Enon, no fee

Joyce Ann Collier Trustee to Jeffrey R. Collier Trustee, 4273 Kay Ave., Springfield; no fee

Jeffrey R. Collier Trustee to Daniel K. Stump, 4273 Kay Ave., Springfield; $254,900

Darcy A. and Jennifer L. Anstine to Randolph L. and Victoria L. Sellman; $117,000

Candace A. and Robert J. Bender to Jason James Coburn, 2741 Stafford Ct., New Carlisle; $100,000

WJHOH LLC to Patricia Fuschino, 267 Hampton Trail, Springfield; $159,000

Bruce H. and Cathy S. Robinette to Bruce H. Robinette, 1325 Sylvan Shores Dr., South Vienna; no fee

Randall L. and Debra L. Wade to David A. Wright and Jennifer J. Powers, 531 Sheffield Dr., Springfield; $155,000

Diana Combs to Warren R. and Susan M. Nokes, 4024 E. National Road, Springfield; $78,000

Richard L. Gossett to Christopher R. and Christina M. Gilbert, 1729 Croft Road, Springfield; $111,500

Polly S. Bowers to Jared P. Taylor and Kelly M. Hoehne, 926 Timberview Ave., Springfield; $305,000

James J. Miller to Alice J. Dayhoff, 3658 Marbella St., Springfield; no fee

John T. Schilling to Michael T. Schilling, 3115 Countryside Ct., Springfield; no fee

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