Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



19-CV-0082 – GSF Mortgage Corp., c/o Cenlar FSB v. Jason Maxwell, South Charleston, et al., complaint in foreclosure for property located at 120 W. Jamestown St., South Charleston, for $115,892.

19-CV-0083 – Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, v. Jess R. Wheeler, 124 Roosevelt Dr., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $73,840.

19-DP-0043 – Lori Geer, 5000 S. Charleston Pike, v. Jeffrey Geer, 5493 Beard Road, petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

19-DR-0060 – Heidi Kruse Frates, 2032 N. Fountain Ave., v. Douglas I. Frates, 32 W. Harding Road, complaint for divorce.

19-DS-0062 – Jeffrey M. Snider, Cable, and April L. Snider, Urbana, petition for dissolution of marriage.


U.S. Bank NA v. Corey M. Ward, et al., judgment for $73,710.

PNC Bank, NA, v. Timothy C. Mueller, et al., decree in foreclosure for $37,649.

Tami Thomas v. Jaunt’ae Bryant, case voluntarily dismissed.

Lori Geer v. Jeffrey Geer, domestic violence civil protection order denied.

Brittany N. Vance v. Tyler S. Vance, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of incompatibility.

George Roberts and Sherri Roberts, case dismissed.


Property Transfers

Dirk and Lucinda A. Ferguson to Lucinda A. Ferguson and Jessica Bily, 4742 and 0 Peacock Road, Springfield; no fee.

Michael L. and Natalie J. McDonald to Nicole A. Elking and Shane P. Owens, 4403 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; $255,000.

Christopher J. Hauf and Martha K. Harford to Ronald J. Miller II and Jennifer S. Adams, 3189 Windy Ridge Dr., Springfield; $40,000.

John T. and Margaret R. Clark to John T. Clark, 3122 Lakeview Crt., Springfield; no fee.

Ricky L. and Beverly A. Havens to Paul R. Neff Jr., 328 N. Burnett Road, Springfield; $39,900.

Dan and Cheryl Crews to TL & NC LLC, 825 E. Rose St., Springfield; $33,500.

Janice Porter to Richard Bradley Booze, 1364 Highland Ave., Springfield; $33,300.

TMR Maintenance LLC to Nott Bad Investments LLC, 1618-1620 E. Main St., Springfield; $43,500.

Larry C. and Barbara A. Sims to Shayla Lauren Sims, 1907 and 1909 Michigan Ave., Springfield; no fee.

William T. Littleton to William T. Littleton, Trustee, 924 N. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; no fee.

Frank M. and Martha J. McCubbin to Frank M. McCubbin Jr., and Susan M. McCubbin, 9019 Selma Pike, South Charleston; no fee.

Lee E. Steinkamp to Victoria Lee Robertson, 4879 Brannan Dr., W., Springfield; $86,000.

Jeremy W. Multhup to Kristen Multhup, 6860 Johnson Road, Springfield; no fee.

Thomas George Ackley to Deborah L. Ackley, 3449 Springfield Xenia Road, Springfield; no fee.

Cheryl J. McBlane to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 0 Fourth Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Stanley E. Casey Jr., and Kim D. Casey to U.S. Bank NA, Trustee, 3010 Haverhill St., Springfield; $72,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to CitiMortgage Inc., 720 W. Mulberry St., Springfield; no fee.

Armon Rentals LLC to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 617-619 Dibert Ave., Springfield; no fee.

James O. Maddy to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 620 and 614 Rubsam St., Springfield; no fee.

Overholser Builders LLC to Lorin M. Layne, 1413 St. Paris Road, Springfield; $104,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cliffside Investors LLC, 2405 Gladden St., Springfield; $16,600.

The Huntington National Bank to Karl F. Graff, 908 E. High St., Springfield; $42,500.

Karen L. Casto to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 377 Glenn Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Donald Reuben Salyer to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 316 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Tracey Lynn Cartwright to Edward E. Zirkle Jr., 117 Roosevelt Dr., Springfield; no fee.

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