Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

New Cases:

19-DS-146 — Stephen Stoddard and Catherine Stoddard, final decision and dissolution of marriage

19-DS-396 — John Sheppard and Julie Sheppard, decree of dissolution of marriage.

19-DS-395 — Oliva Cunningham and Brendon Cunningham, judgment entry and decree of dissolution

19-DS-377 — Eric Daniel and Leslie Daniel, decree of dissolution of marriage

State of Ohio vs. Danyale Blair, judgment entry of conviction, defendant pleas guilty to aggravated possession of drugs, sentenced to jail and drug treatment.

State of Ohio vs. Crystal Jenkins, judgment entry of conviction, defendant plea of guilty to possession of cocaine, two years of community control and intensive supervision.

State of Ohio vs. Jeremy Barclay, judgment entry of conviction, defendant pleas guilty to aggravated trafficking in drugs

Auditor’s Office

Property Transfers:

Jeffrey L. Miller to Gary D. and Judith V. Daniel, 746 E. Home Road, Springfield; $87,000

Ron Larsen to Mountain Valley Global LLC, 1225 Jefferson St., Springfield; no fee

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1115 Jefferson St., Springfield; no fee

Willie Jenkins to Rafiu Idowu, 902 Montgomery Ave., Springfield; $20,000

Aleta Kaye Cromwell to Tangie K. Cromwell, 1052 W. Columbia St., Springfield; no fee

Arthur Edward Voorhees to PNC Bank National Association, 530 N. Shaffer St., Springfield; $26,700

Robert E. Nave to James Elvis Roberts, 719 Rubsam St., Springfield; no fee

Bessie R. Remond to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, 633 W. Columbia St., Springfield; $16,700

New Residential Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1311 Malden Ave., Springfield; no fee

Jordan Ray to Caliber Home Loans INC, 1417 N. Plum St., Springfield; $50,100

Heather E. Fultz to Timothy and Maggi L. Quinn, 3127 E. High St., Springfield; $134,900

Mary A. Palmer to George Ogden Jr., 405 Meadow Wood Dr., Springfield; $150,000

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