Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Bill Lackey/Staff

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Bill Lackey/Staff

Property transfers:

Julia C. Smith to Philip R. Vanwinkle, 2163 Olympic St., Springfield; $69,000

Gary L. and Susan L. Brown to Alexandra L. Snoddy, 1603 Woodward Ave., Springfield; $25,000

WWP 1843 South Limestone Street LLC to Torres Investment Group LLC, 1843 S. Limestone St., Springfield;$309,000

Anthony J. Powell to Joseph Joy, 516-518 Vine St., Springfield; no fee

Leonard Powell to Future Sights LLC, 608 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $20,800

Scott Thomas to Roman Muskeyvalley, 520 E. Euclid Ave., Springfield; $2,300

Andrew M. and Sarah N. Page to Marcus C. Cathren, 562-564 E. Northern Ave., Springfield; $92,900

Satwant Singh to Tschida Investments LLC, 402 E. Third St., Springfield; $52,000

Robert D. Smith to Daniel and Sheila Pierson, 7050 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $51,000

Clayton Stephens to Premier Property Rentals LTD, 1670 N. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; $58,000

Anthony F. and Tammy L. Dobbels to Anthony F. Dobbels, 5063 W. National Road; no fee

Dale E. Hardacre to Peggy A. Hardacre Trustee, 6450 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; no fee

Paul Wright to Bryan D. Smith, 11172 Lower Valley Pike, Medway; $77,500

Nikolas and Courtney Eaton to Wesley G. and Ashley B. Snider, 622 Colony Trail, New Carlisle; $256,000

Victor D. and Rosemary Farley to Janette Farley, 904 Greenheart Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

Blad Boys Solutions LLC to Mikaela E. Meyer and Justin C. Dozier, 328 Rawson Dr., New Carlisle; $87,500

Rebecca S. Jones to Rebecca Grassie, 527 N. Scott St., New Carlisle; no fee

William A. and Colleen M. Birch to Nannon L. and Timothy J. Scott, 4186 Stone Bridge Dr., Springfield; $365,000

William A. and Colleen M. Birch to Timothy J. and Nannon L. Scott, Stone Bridge Dr., Springfield; $10,000

Phyllis M. Viers to Deborah E. Green, 1501 Shrine Road, Springfield; no fee

Anthony F. and Tammy L. Dobbels to Anthony F. Dobbels, 5617 Dolly Varden Road, South Charleston; no fee

Cornell Group LLC to James D. and Joseph V. Long, 7299-7303 Dayton-Springfield Road, Enon; $165,000

Betty L. Rigney to Richard L. and Therese E. Richman, 7194 Stine Road, Enon; $172,000

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